• Read the recent messages from Father God. Image is waves crashing on the ocean with rocks and the sunrise.
  • God doesn't want us idle in front of the TV all day. We are gifted, talented and we have a purpose. Here's how to do things that add value. Image is a piece fitting into a puzzle.
  • The shaking. The storms. The plagues. God is dealing with our enemies. But He wants His Children to believe for a miracle. Here's how. Image is an eagle soaring over the mountains.
  • How to hear from prophets? Where can I find a Trump prophet? Or, get a prophetic word? Here's a recent list.
  • Father God gave an important message about doubt and the mark of the beast. Here's what you need to know. Image is a girl staring at storm clouds.
  • Mugs and Kisses...Shop for the Best Mother's Day Gifts. Cause Nobody Puts Mommie in the Corner! Image is multiple t-shirts.
  • Iron Sharpens Iron: Here are a few inspirational men's ministry tools to empower, educate and uplift. Image is blacksmith forging a sword.
  • Fearless: Refreshing reminders that you have the authority and God is with you.
  • Need help planning an event? Order the best custom event products for your special occasion (and we'll help with the details!).


Why We Started God-Driven-Designs...

When we began God-Driven-Designs, we wanted to reach the hurting and the lost. But, it's not just about creating cards for sick-and-shut-in ministries. Our goal is to give your ministry the tools you need to empower and equip others. We want God's Sons and Daughters to stand confidently in Him. And, we want them to know they can call on the name and blood of Jesus Christ to BREAK EVERY CHAIN.
Whether you have a women's ministry, men's ministry, sports ministry or prison ministry, we have marketing materials for you. And, we can help you plan that next event, too. With God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE so believe only and don't doubt. Ask for God's mercy and trust Him. God's got US!