• Read the recent messages from Father God. Image is waves crashing on the ocean with rocks and the sunrise.
  • Here's how to get back in the game with God FIRST. Image is a football player praying.
  • What are the best steak recipes? What's the best Super Bowl food aside from burgers and fries? From Philly cheesesteak tacos and street tacos to steak fajitas and steak sliders, here are the best steak recipes.
  • Get Ready to Celebrate the Election Revote that's coming. We've ALREADY Got the Victory!
  • Healing Hurting Marriages: Why God is Saying
  • Stay at the altar and keep singing to God. Get quiet before Him and rest in God to provide for you.
  • Remove Me from the Hand of My Enemies...Trust God's timing and have confidence that He will deliver us. We ALREADY have the victory! Image is light shining through a rock with a cross on top in the ocean.

Super Bowl LVI