• Read the recent messages from Father God. Image is waves crashing on the ocean with rocks and the sunrise.
  • What is the will of God? Are you on a Godly Positioning System GPS or doing your own thing? Image shown is dizzying road going in multiple directions.
  • The Jewish New Year is here...It's a time to fast and pray and watch and see what God does.
  • Want the best sweet potato pie recipe? What about apple cider slushies and sweet potato cheesecake? Try out these fall favorites and rake the leaves later! Image is a slice of caramel salted cheesecake.
  • Get Ready to Celebrate the Election Revote that's coming. We've ALREADY Got the Victory!
  • God is saying to look at the trains and the railroad. Here's what that means. Image is train tracks in perfect alignment.
  • Game faces on. Here's why it's important to get back in the game so you can finish stronger!
  • President Trump's Hail Mary Play: For with God, nothing shall be impossible.
  • The Lion of Judah says
  • Looking for the Andrea Bocelli Amazing Grace Concert? Here are the details for this #LakewoodChurch event.


We've ALREADY Won...