DON'T WORRY... October 14 2014

 DON'T WORRY: Sometimes it looks like everyone is passing you by. They have new cars, new cell phones, and they're having all the fun, while you're studying, praying and going to church. But that's okay. You're supposed to study and pray. There's an old story about how the Japanese might work their entire lives for one deal that will pave the way for their children, so don't fret over that new iPhone that you can't have today. Think long term, think bigger than anything you've ever done. You have to be like the ant that plans for winter. You have to pray, trust in God and when He says to stay in and pray, to study and save your money, do just that. Winter is coming, for some, but if you obey the Holy Spirit, study, pray and save when He tells you that you need to, you will have more than enough. You serve the God of more than enough.