A.D.D. WITH GOD DOESN'T ADD UP October 14 2014

Why do we have A.D.D. with God? We need to wait for God and that requires time and patience, but it's so important to wait for the Lord. Sometimes we think He won't show up, but God is so big and infinite, He'll show out! We look for God to come to us face to face, but sometimes we don't even know He was there until His glory has passed by. He can cause the rain to fall, the skies to open. He can move mountains and scatter our enemies with just one word. Praise God and trust Him.

We just have to remember, God isn't our ex who let us down, or people who treated us badly, or an absent father, but we serve the Lord God Almighty who is mighty in battle - and the battle is not ours. He's fighting on our behalf. The name of the Lord is a strong tower and the righteous go in and are safe. Keep waiting for Him. Cling to God. He is our covering, our kinsmen redeemer. He's on the way! God can't lie, so when He says He will do it, count on His word. And when you've seen God move in your life, remember to say thank you and give Him all the glory, honor and praise.

Waiting on God to show up is like a little kid waiting for daddy to get home. We go through this separation anxiety when He's not there, and we wait and think He's not coming and that He was in an accident. But then we get a call that He's on the way, or a little reminder. The problem is, we can't always stay in that child-like mindset. We have to start eating some meat and not just milk. If God wants us to grow up in Him, to build our trust and faith, won't He take a little longer? Won't He say, "See, you could only wait an hour when you were 3, but now that you're 7, you waited all day. And remember last year when you thought I wouldn't show up at all?"

We have to learn to develop a new perspective that sometimes we're not waiting on God to show up, but He might be waiting on us to grow up, or it might be the season that we're in. Don't give up and revert to an old way of thinking just because you can't see the answer right away. That's insecurity and fear and that's not God. God is love, patience, long suffering, obedience, trust and faith. Wait on the Lord, be brave and courageous and wait on the Lord.