Prove the doubters wrong. Keep trusting in God. Keep moving forward and keep taking steps forward. Even if you have to take baby steps, your steps are ordered by the Lord. There's a man in my development who runs maybe 10-20 miles a day. He's definitely a marathon runner, but here's the thing. His knees are very bad and slightly twisted from arthritis, so he runs at times, jogs at times, and sometimes, it looks like he's crawling and about to fall over, but he won't give up. I saw him one morning and a neighbor pointed out that he was possibly in his late sixties!                                                                                                                                                                          Never give up.You might have to crawl to your dream, but while you're down there crawling, lie prostrate in prayer and praise the Lord! Do not give up on yourself or your dreams. Work on your plan everyday even if you only have 5-minutes. Keep producing. Keep moving and leave your doubters in the dust, but remember humility and forgiveness. When Joseph was made king, he forgave and blessed his brothers, despite the fact that they hated him and wanted to kill him. What God has for you no one can take from you but don't lose it with false pride. Humble yourself, crawl, walk, drag yourself there, but get in position and keep moving!