I WON'T COMPLAIN... October 15 2014

  TD Jakes had an excellent message today about not complaining. We rely so much on our own understanding that we want to tell God how it should have been done. We want to correct, critique and complain but we don't realize that it's God's process. Despise not the day of small beginnings. What we have to remember is that as prophets of God we have to be more like Jesus and not open our mouths. It's like kids complaining to mom non-stop about what they want. They are not the parent, but must respect the leadership of the parent to guide them. Whether the parent/God does it one way or another, we have to respect His divine authority because maybe the test might be in humility or not complaining, i.e., it's not about whether one way was taken or another, or one person chosen or another, but respecting God's divine leadership and authority, submitting to Him, humbling and honoring God's process through trust, and praising Him because His ways are good and perfect. It's submission and saying, "Though He slay me, yet shall I trust Him!" We must give God the glory, honor and praise due His name.