ARE YOU SURE GOD? October 16 2014

  Don't have doubt in your mind when God asks you to do something. You must obey God. Don't go by what it looks like, or how the enemy might be trying to set you up or benefit from you making a mistake, just make sure you obey God. Sometimes it will look like we're walking closer to the fire, but then God sends a ram in the bush, or that snake that's in the fire suddenly lunges at you but won't harm you. Trust God to make the way, but obey God right away. He may tell you to turn the phone, TV and tablet off to pray and read your Bible. Do it. He may tell you to sow a seed that will bless your finances, trust and obey. He may tell you to stop seeing certain friends or cut off bad relationships that were pulling you down or back, believe God and obey. To obey God is a blessing and it will release blessings, to disobey is a curse and it releases curses, (Deut. 28).