If you don't know it you might not be studying the right thing. What's your favorite show? Game of Thrones? True Blood? Scandal? Revenge? We have so many streaming services now that we can spend all weekend watching a full season or two, which can be quite entertaining, but not so rewarding when we're faced with obstacles and trials. As the enemy throws fiery darts, we have a defense in the Word of God, but if we don't stand on it and quote it back to God, we're at a loss. We find ourselves in church desperate for a healing, an anointing or a touch from the pastor with oil to get this 'thing' off our backs when all we had to do was study and speak over our situation, "It is written...." What? You don't know about that? You're not quoting the word back to God? Turn the TV off. Don't worry, you can just pause it and it will still be there when you turn it back on. Idols don't usually move. (Neither do we when we're stuck in front of them - that's in the word, too).

When Jesus was tested by the devil, He stood on the Word and boldly quoted scripture, "It is written..." He knew from studying how to combat the wiles of the devil. He was teaching us what we should and would be doing when our trials come. Likewise, in your own life, you must stand strong in faith and work the word, so to speak. You get a bad report or bad health scare, "I don't receive that, it is written, by Jesus's stripes I am healed." If you lose your job or have been out of work so long you can't see an end in sight for the bills coming in and you have no money coming in. But stand on the word you must, holding your wallet or few pennies up to heaven and reciting, "Lord, I plead the blood over my finances. Jesus made the fish and loaves multiply, please bless my offering and make my finances multiply. I pray for favor from you."

As disciples for Christ, Jesus said we would do the works He did and greater, but if you don't know that, you won't grow in God, and keep in mind, God is not going to sit by and let you watch seasons of Sons of Anarchy or Dance Moms before He sends trials your way. To go to another level, you have to be equipped, know how to work the word and stand on the scriptures.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper, we know this, but you have to know the strongest weapon to combat the fiery darts of the devil is God's word, i.e., the sword of the Lord, not the remote. You could try flinging that in the air, but at best, your Roku remote might change your channel to Pandora or your universal might hit a button you didn't even know you had and then you have to spend the next 10-minutes trying to find out what you hit because all you're seeing on the screen now is snow.

TV is entertaining, trust me, I've watched every episode of Revenge and that Emily/Amanda girl really needs Jesus, but TV is also just a distraction. Detract yourself from the screen sometimes and spend time in the word. You have to study. The trials and tests will not stop, but the seasons of shows will. What will you do then? Go back to your DVD's? No, get your Bible out and learn from the great stories there how people really dealt with demons - Game of Thrones, Ha! Try reading about Saul trying to kill David...