THIS FALL, CAST IT ALL... October 23 2014

We cast in two ways. We can cast a wide net in things like looking for a new job, opening a business, and not limiting our options, but we also cast when we're praying and giving our requests to God, our fears, doubts, worries and concerns. Give and take everything to the Lord in prayer. Sometimes we lose trust in God, we lose faith and we forget that He's the same God who was there yesterday, is here today and forever more. When we feel like we're stretched to the point of breaking, it's usually a sign we have too much on our plates or we're worried about too much, but that's when we should give it over to God and not lean on our own understanding. Let God bless you. Let Him keep you in perfect peace, so make that lists, take them to the Lord in prayer, and know that you won't regret it. God is with us always. Forever His word is established in heaven.