Sometimes we play with fire and it's only then that we learn we can get burned. It happens everyday. Movies come out about conjuring up the devil and kids go home and think they can do it. Then they've got some malevolent presence in their lives they can't control.

Or you have these young girls whose mothers work so hard to support the family that all they've grown up with is fussing and complaining parents trying to make ends meet, so to escape the noise they are drawn to the bad boys who whisper sweet things in their ears like, "You're mom's just jealous of you," not "I have an STD and you will too." It happens all the time.

Or, you have someone young and naive who gets false attention from men or people and think it's love, so they're in relationships with the wrong men who are abusing them and beating them, but the time put in is equivocal to love in their eyes. It happens on the job, too. You might have someone on the job who is the best at what they do and while they're getting attention for their efforts their disguised into thinking being needed equates to love. When are we going to wake up?

We now also have a society that is gambling online in fake casino sites spending millions and getting all the bells and lights to go off, so they go into real casinos and can't understand why they've gambled their pensions and rent money away. No sweetheart, that was real money that you really won't get back.

We have to make sure that we understand everything we get into has consequences and drawbacks. We have to question "What are they really saying?" or "What is hidden in the full contract?" Maybe I should get someone to review this. We get so desperate for attention, time and money that we don't realize the devil is waiting on us and what he's selling sounds like what we need because we focus on what he's showing us in the one hand, but don't see or ignore what's in the other.

In everything you do, ask God if it's the right direction. Ask Him to reveal what is in the dark, what is secret, so you know what they're not showing you. That daughter needs to see that the man is an abuser, that job may be overwhelming amounts of stress that will give her a heart attack while they move onto the next work mule, that the video game is sold by the real casino because they know you'll come in eventually and that while that movie looked like fun when it drew out the devil and made people's heads spin, you're the one running from a demon.

When God blesses you and sends a good job to you, it won't break your back. You might have to go through trials, but they won't try to kill you! When God sends a good man to you, again, he won't try to kill you, but will love and nurture you and he wants to see you grow. In all you do, keep in mind the scripture, "The blessings of the Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrow to it."

And lastly, when you play video games or even when you stream hours of movies, ask yourself if anyone in your family is an addict or has an addictive personality because if they do or did, you might have to be careful that you don't spend hours focusing on these idols "having fun" or "escaping." That's a trap of the devil meant to take you away from spending time with God and in His word. Always limit TV and video games, take breaks and read your Bible daily. To God be the glory.