Have you ever seen one of those spy movies where they give (we're changing the characters name to protect their identities), oh say for example, 006 or James Bund, a slip of paper and it reads what their assignment is and they're sent on their way, usually with the paper or suitcase exploding in the background as they dash off in a Porsche - nothing obvious there. Well, in our own lives, we are sent on assignment.

Jesus was walking with the disciples when He approached a fig tree that had a lot of leaves in the wrong season. It's assignment was to produce fruit in the right season ON ASSIGNMENT. In this case though, it produced leaves and no fruit and Mark 11:13 reads that 'Jesus was hungry.' Some can speculate that the tree should have produced fruit when the savior approached because the scripture purposely indicates Jesus was hungry, but others can say that the tree was just producing leaves out of season.

Did Jesus get hungry because He saw the leaves? Was He angry because as He drew closer He saw no fruit? Or was He looking for the miraculous to spring forth - like the water/wine miracle, but the tree disobeyed as He approached. Remember, we're talking about miraculous times in the Bible where donkeys spoke, rocks cried out, and so forth. When we are on assignment, we must be alert, attentive and ready to respond to God's will and His requests. Keep in mind the scripture about the brides/girls, (technically the church) waiting for the bridegroom Jesus to return. They must have their lights burning brightly when He approaches.

In our own lives, what this sums up to is not that we should keep a bowl of fruit ready for the rapture, but we must strive to keep God's purpose for our lives first and foremost our goal. It's what we were made to do. A fruit tree is made to produce fruit. Jonah's assignment was to preach to Ninevah. A chicken is made to produce eggs, or it makes a tasty 10-piece in a bucket.

Maybe that tree grew tired of waiting on God to show up - remember the lame man who was in the streets for what 35 years? In all that time that he was prostrate was he praising God? No, the scriptures say he was begging from man. When Jesus showed up, he couldn't beg the Lord - Jesus doesn't respond to begging, but believing by faith. The lame man had to walk by faith. Literally, get up and walk by faith to be healed.

In your own life, maybe what's taking so long is that you produced fruit out of season, at the wrong time, or the wrong way, but that doesn't mean that you stop, give up and die, but produce more fruit in the right season, in God's timing. Well, when is that? When God/Jesus calls you, but you don't stop until then. What is your assignment - ask God His will and purpose for your life and be determined to fulfill what He desires. Maybe you can sing, or are gifted in the arts. Maybe you're a great speaker. By focusing on these gifts that God naturally gave you, you're walking in your purpose. Draw nigh/close to God and wait for direction from Him on what to do next.

Both TD Jakes and Joyce Meyer talk about when they were starting out in ministry that they had really small churches, in hotels, in tiny rooms, etc., and they didn't have any money. They just had an inspiration from God to do His will. They spoke and ministered and nothing happened - in the natural, for a long time, but when God called them to greatness, they were in place and their ministries took off. Wait for God's timing, not by sitting and complaining or begging and griping, but on working on your calling.

David didn't seem concerned that his family didn't want him around. What he did with his time was what he did best. He learned how to slay animals with a rock and a sling. He perfected his talent until like 008, James Band, or Tim Cruise (name changes to protect the innocent), he received his assignment and was called into battle. Remember, he volunteered because his confidence came from what God showed him he could do with killing a a bear and a lion.

Your confidence comes behind the scenes when you perfect the gifts God has given you, Grasshopper! Trust God for His timing to bring great things, and in the meantime, build your strengths, know your weaknesses and limitations - because the devil will try to use this to throw you off your purpose, don't focus on seeking money, celebrity or 'Likes' and know that God's timing is always perfect and learn to work/make perfect what you do best! Selah!

Romans 8:30 And those He predestined, He also called, and those He called, He justified and those He justified He glorified.

Matt 3:10, Matt 7:19 Every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.