Let God's grace carry you, and keep your mouth shut or you might curse your blessing. Remember the Children of Israel? Of course you do. We hear about them at church maybe every week and their story is so relevant because they grumbled and complained and didn't make it to the Promised Land. Oops, did I just give the ending away? Guess you already knew that part, too. But here's a friendly reminder: Whatever you're going through right now, only use your mouth to praise God to get your way out. Don't even for a second be tempted to say, "Why isn't He doing anything about this," because God hates grumbling, murmuring and complaining and it can block where He wants to take you from where you are right now. Instead, get in the habit - and here's where you should cut and paste this part to your laptop or tablet screen, your Outlook reminders or notes section: All you should say is "Lord, I praise you for carrying me and for deliverance." Now ask me why: Job said, "Though you slay me, yet shall I trust you." Jesus said, "Nevertheless, thy will be done." David even said, "It was good that you afflicted me." You get it yet? Going through these valleys is okay because God is not leaving you there. We just need reminders that we're GOING THROUGH. We're only going through and WE WILL BE DELIVERED AND RECEIVE THE BLESSING! (Ahh, the bold wording back there was for emphasis, you should cut and paste that, too.) In Jesus name, may God cover you and keep you, may His face shine upon you and may He help you on your journey to grow stronger in Him, amen.