Don't faint when God calls you. When He calls you, IT'S TIME. A woman can be in labor 20-30 hours, tired, spent, sweaty, and exhausted, only to hear "It's not time yet." Remember this Beloved, if there's anything we've ever shared with you, sometimes, exhaustion comes when we're tired from our own efforts, doing things the old way, or the devil is trying to defeat us. But sometimes God will block the old way because He wants to show you a new thing. He wants to show you power through Him, not your efforts.

When the disciples fished, they were doing it in their efforts, hence their exhaustion, but when God said DO IT HERE, RIGHT NOW, that's when they caught more than enough. Sometimes God will do things in reverse, or opposite from what you're used to because He wants to reveal His power to you in a new way. Jesus said to Simon Peter, "TRY AGAIN, BUT HERE." Listen for God, because sometimes while we have the best efforts, it might not be the right time or the right season, or God doesn't want you relying on you and the old way. Maybe He wants to show you the miraculous. Maybe when you exhaust your efforts and finally look to Him and ask Him, you will see the secret path He has for you. Remember, God doesn't always reveal everything. That's the mystery of God, leading you to the water AND THEN revealing the hidden path.

Even David had to learn to not lean on his own understanding. David asked God once to deliver the enemy into his hands, and God answered him and David won the battle, but the second time David asked, God directed him in a different way. We have to remember not to only look for the cloud, or only look for the fire, or only look to Moses when Jacob is the new leader. Don't wren/tear your garments because the old way isn't working. Remember Jeremiah 6:16 reads "Stand in the old path and ASK where the good way is, walk therein, and you will find rest for your souls."

Don't give up because you're tired and it might not be going the way you want and when you want and right when you prayed. God might want to uproot you to show you a new thing, but know, when God speaks and says "It's time," or "Lower your nets here," it will be what He says and right on time. Just like that mother in labor, when the doctor comes in and says "IT'S TIME," get ready, because he means your deliverance is coming NOW!

Keep praying, keep fasting, keep speaking in tongues, keep sanctifying and consecrating yourselves and calling God on His word UNTIL HE SAYS IT'S TIME. Don't give up and don't faint. Get ready for your SUDDENLY moment and listen for God's voice! Like Mary said to the disciples about Jesus at the wedding, "Do whatever He tells you." Lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge God and HE WILL direct your path.