God-Driven-Designs: Your Best Choice for Cheap, Discounted Inspirational Gifts November 15 2014

We always look for value when we shop online and finding a store we can trust is sometimes hard. Stores buy their merchandise at low prices but then jack up the rates when they resell to the consumer. Not at God-Driven-Designs. One thing that God-Driven-Designs does differently than the competition is they sell gifts, event materials and all supplies at discount prices. Why do they do this? And aren't they losing profits, or is there some catch or hidden draw? None of the above. God-Driven-Designs works based on the scripture, Don't tip your scales. this adage is taken from Proverbs 11:1 which reads, The Lord detests dishonest scales, but accurate rates find favor with Him. They know that repeat business and referrals are crucial to a business relationship and a partnership. God-Driven-Designs values their customers so much we’ve highlighted a few other areas you may not be aware of:


IN-STOCK ITEMS: While a lot of companies are drop-shipping their products, listing things they don’t even carry and you won’t know until you get a receipt from Costco when you bought from Bob’s Co., God-Driven-Designs doesn’t do this. When you buy an item it’s in stock and will usually ship right away. If it’s not in stock, check the shipping date. If any of their products state 2-3 weeks, that means they’re making a special order just for you. If you need graphic design or editing work, these items can take longer to ship.


ADDED INCENTIVES: God-Driven-Designs also works to ensure that you have value added to your order. For example, a recent order they filled was for a customer who wanted to spend $50 on a gift basket. She was on a tight budget, but wanted friends to get something nice. Staff at God-Driven-Designs went right to work planning how to fill her basket, regardless of the budget. They understand that quality supercedes quantity, and were able to include in the holiday basket: candy canes, prayer cards, lotion and spa gift sets, men’s prayer cards and Bible gifts, a music CD, inspirational CD, customized key chains and more. How could they do this? God-Driven-Designs has all their inventory in one central location and can build gift sets to suit every budget, but they also know that a limited budget doesn’t have to mean limiting quality. Will the other guy do this?


COST VS. SAVINGS: When you shop for cheap or discounted inspirational gifts online, sometimes you can tell by the picture what you want and sometimes you set a budget or price and wait to see what you can find. God-Driven-Designs allows you to see pictures of the items and know the savings will wow you so much that you’ll want to come back again or refer a friend or family member. What you’re saving in cost, you’re building in finding the cheap inspirational gift you were looking for, but getting something that’s not cheaply made, it’s just discounted.


So while you’re getting your holiday plans ready and checking your list twice, go ahead and make that purchase by shopping online with God-Driven-Designs today. Know that they will bend over backwards to give you great savings, good customer service, discounted prices on inspirational gifts, prayer cards and gift baskets, and when you see the savings, just remember to refer a friend or family member!