Discount Tips From Saving at the Store to Cost Savings on Your Card November 26 2014

We see you, saying a little prayer before you go shopping, trying to make your dollars stretch on discounted items, but there are a few ways to get what you want this year and add savings to your card because this should be a fun and festive time to shop and with a few key pointers, the holidays don't have to put you in debt. There are a few simple ways to shop for the holiday without feeling like you have to overspend and without feeling guilty about not being able to spend a lot of money on gifts. In this article, we'll take a look at a few options for your shopping plan this holiday season and see where you can find the best deals. Let's start with your credit card.                                                                                                                                                                                           

CREDIT CARD SAVINGS: Go online to see which card offers the best rebates, cash back and bonuses. What we suggest is taking a little extra cash and loading it onto the card that will give you additional money back. For example, if Discover is offering 0.5% cash back and extra savings on movies, restaurants and shopping, that's the card you want to use. Make sure to read the fine print, confirm the dates are within the time frame when you will be shopping and start seeing the savings roll in. With your following month's statement you should see a little extra cash that can be sent to you as a check or you can use it for a gift card at a popular store like Amazon or Home Depot. Depending on your card's features, you might even be able to use your extra cash towards your bill payment.

Another tip, don't use your debit card. Remember the Target fiasco? There are computer glitches like that everywhere and you want to ensure the card you use is covered and your money protected. If someone takes money from your debit card, it will be harder to get it back. If it's on a regular credit card, your bank may give you your money back the same day if you call them. Now let's put your card away and take a look at the store savings on gifts.

SHOPPING FOR DEALS: Everyone wants prime rib. Yup, we love it, too, but when you're on a budget, think cost efficient - not hot dogs necessarily, but maybe a rib eye with a side of mash. Right now the stores have lowered their prices as they know people are shopping for holiday deals. Make sure before you take your card out, look at your flyers to see what's discounted before you head to the stores. While the deals might look great to spend $50 get $20 free, you're basically spending $30 so make sure it's on something that will give you the most savings like electronics or home goods. Look for the savings by buying what's on sale and check with stores like Target, Macy's, Walmart and Best Buy so you get the best prices. But since we're talking prime rib savings, let's look at deals at the supermarket, too.

GROCERY DISCOUNTS: Over the next few weeks, the grocery stores will be running deals, and the best way to capitalize on those deals is to buy what's on sale in bulk. When butter and flour are $2 each, stock up so when the prices go up, you will have a fridge full of goodies. Another great tip, this year, instead of that prime rib, filet mignon and lobster, how about a hearty stew or casserole that will taste so yummy and have the family begging for more. Using those decorative plates you've been saving in the back cupboard will also spice up the dinner table and you can serve rolls in a colorful bowl. If you really have that one relative who wants seafood, how about a bisque? You can use small shrimp and potatoes and make your own. It's cheap, fast and easy and you can season it with cheesy croutons. Desserts get you down? Choose a low fat vanilla yogurt in a small juice glass, garnish with berries and make a cookie crumble that you add on top or use chopped nuts. Not only is it fast and easy to make, it's not relatively inexpensive.

The last point we recommend is to have fun while you shop. Charge your phone, bring your cord if you need to, carry a few candies or a protein bar and a bottle of water or fill your thermos with coffee, and bring your lists! Shopping works better when you have a plan, so while mom wants filet mignon and Junior wants a new PS4, you'll be ready to shop for deals and get savings, too!


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