LEAVE ROOM FOR GOD December 04 2014

We're strong and we know it, but we sometimes forget to leave room for God and listen for Him. We're so caught up in our push to be on top of things, because we're so efficient, it's our self-reliance, our plans, and our checklists that sometimes cause us to side-step what God might want to do in our lives. We worry that He won't show up or make the way for us or we think we can't wait for Him because we're so busy and have so much to do. We've even got the dialect for it, "Don't worry. I've got this." But sometimes God troubles the waters just so He can show us His awesome power and greatness. What happens when you don't have what you thought you had? What happens when God takes that, too?

When Elijah visited the woman and her son with the oil, she only had a 'little bit' or 'just enough' for them and he asked for it. He asked for a small cake. It was selfish yes, but it was a test. She sacrificed what she had to honor her guest, got all the oil together, made the cake for him and and when he told her to put all her neighbors empty oil jars together, she found that she had more than enough for her and her son to live on.

It's the same in our own lives. We're tested and put on the spot to see if we will trust God. All we have to do is make room for God, ask for His help and wait for Him. Sometimes the intimacy of God is seeing Him move on our behalf, having Him heal you and touch you when the doctors said nothing could be done, having God sustain you when others are panicking and struggling. The market is crashing but you're being kept and sustained. That's God,the giver of life who sent His son Jesus that we might have life more abundantly.

Leave a little room for God because sometimes, every now and then, when He lets doors close or you see people walk out on you, God just might be isolating you not because of anything wrong or bad, but just so you can focus on Him, have an encounter with Him that draws you closer and helps you to know that there is no other God, not even you in your own life. He wants to cover you and keep you. It's not about IF God will make the way, Beloved. God is able. It's about when we let Him in and when He shows us who He is. It's about leaning on Him and letting God bless you.