STAND FIRM ON THE WORD WITHOUT WAVERING AND SEE WHAT GOD DOES - AWESOME SIGNS AND WONDERS: It's like we're entering into a time when our faith in God has to be stronger because the enemy wants us to think God won't show up and work in our favor/on our behalf. Like a little child waiting outside of school for a parent to pick them up when a bully starts taunting the child with "They forgot you. They won't show up. You should just give up and die." The child is then left defeated, but that's not how the scenario should end. The child should open their mouths and speak out "My parent is coming. They never forget me and you will leave me alone or I'll tell a teacher." In our own lives though, we're bullied by the devil and our enemies and it's usually a lot worse than that. Here are a few tips to help you stand firm and get through testing:

-God can't lie: If you've gone through a lot of trials, you already know this is true, but if you're unsure of God's power in your life, you may be placed in a trial or two to see God's presence. God wants to show us who He is and His awesome power. Remember, God made everything - not Apple. Well, He made those too, but you get the idea. Sometimes a test will come because God wants to show you that He won't leave you or forsake you and as you grow you learn to rely on Him. But how can you be sure?

-Ask for a sign: God is waiting on us. The scripture reads "Draw nigh/close to God and He will draw nigh/close to us." God doesn't assume you want to walk with Him and He's not pushy and life is about free will, but if you want a closer walk with God, just ask Him to come closer to you or ask for a sign that you're on the right track. He will send something that only you will know and recognize.

The scary thing is sometimes because the world says we serve 'this invisible God' they make it seem like if God shows up in our lives we should be scared or think we're crazy. Don't listen to the world. And don't fear God showing up, He wants you to call on Him. He wants a closer walk with you so He can reveal things to you. If you don't believe that or are unsure, start reading your Bible slowly from Genesis on and you will see the stories of how God spoke to His children and guided them daily.

-Speak the Word: With each test comes the answer. You have to stand on the scriptures and learn to eat the Word. That means just like food, the Word is the Bread of Life, so eat it, or take it in daily and when you need it, speak it out. You need this because when the devil taunts you, call on the scriptures you need. For example, the devil says you're a failure, No, you rebuke that. God says you're more than a conqueror, the head and not the tail, fearfully and wonderfully made, a child of the Most High God, and so forth.

-Don't waiver: Have you ever weighed the options and found you couldn't make a decision about something in either direction because you can't make up your mind - that's wavering. Don't waiver with God. It's also being double-minded or riding the fence. Remember those tests we talked about earlier and the example of the child waiting for a parent? When the devil says you should just give up, he won't do just that. He'll tell you why. He'll say you're not good enough, smart enough, a failure and no one loves and supports you. The devil is a liar. Stand on your faith and your scriptures and keep in mind the one main scripture that you need, "Rebuke the devil and he will flee." This means stand firm without doubting God and continue to say "I rebuke you satan, flee from me," and guess what, the devil has to flee because God cannot lie. The devil may try another way to get you distracted, but keep standing on God and reading/relying on your scriptures. There is power in the Word!

I hope this helps you to understand not wavering. It sure helped me! As I was typing this 20-minutes ago, my computer froze and I lost the full message, but one of my search engines, Opera, saves everything that you're working on - by the grace of God, I wasn't even in Opera, I was in Firefox, but it retrieved my full message. And then a weird thing happened. While I was praying that my post to you wouldn't be lost, I heard a shuffling at my apartment's front door and it was so soft I thought it was a mouse. Then I saw what looked like a flyer under my door and thought "Great! Another pizza or Chinese food menu," but it wasn't. It was a note from one of my sweet neighbors asking for more prayer cards. Ask God for a sign. I'm telling you, He cannot fail!

Lord I praise your Holy Name for taking the time to show us, to help us and to reveal yourself to us in so many ways and thank you for all you do for us and your awesome signs and wonders!