WHEN IT WENT: Don't lose sight of your faith, hope and dreams January 11 2015

Do you remember the date or time you gave up? Maybe it was so gradual, you didn't notice, but somewhere along the line, if you felt like God didn't show up, if you felt like He wasn't there, you may have given up and lost a tiny bit of faith, or all of it. But, you must not lose faith and you must have hope. Like the virgins with oil, keep your lamp burning for God. Like Mary and Martha, take Jesus to where Lazarus - that area that God allowed to die that you're certain won't be resurrected.

Sometimes God doesn't show up in the way we want or speak/answer in how we want because it's a new season, a different time, He's doing a new thing, or He's waiting for us to obey and not do things in our own will. Like a train that went off track, reposition yourself to get back on track by going to God in prayer. Maybe you have to dig a little deeper in prayer because we can sometimes be tempted to drift when our superficial prayers aren't answered right away.

We pray and after 5-10 minutes, don't see a light or we're trying to hurry up because our movie is about to come on or friends and family are calling us into the other room. Wasn't that what Jesus grew so frustrated with the disciples about - not going deep into prayer and falling asleep? Think about when it went - the when being your dream, your faith, your hope and the went being where you lost sight of it and felt abandoned or left behind and just like Mary and Joseph, go back and find Jesus. He's there in the church.