Let God resurrect what looks dead. It might be part of His divine plan! April 03 2015

Chains be broken God has a plan for your life


Don't let the devil make you think this is the end or you can't go on. Sometimes we reach the end of our rope, and that's okay. We should reach the end of us, so that God's strength can come in. We end up getting tired and exhausted because we're walking in our flesh, trying to to it our way. Just like Peter was fishing and couldn't catch anymore fish, he was exhausted in his flesh. It was Christ who told him where to fish. When you reach the end of your rope, rely on God through Christ Jesus to do the rest. Better yet, don't exhaust yourself in the flesh, because our flesh is weak, remember, we walk by faith not sight and we are to serve not by might nor strength, but God's spirit. Don't let the devil make you think you can't go on and this is the end. Christ died so that we might have life and have it more abundantly. God will open doors, He will make the way, it's already done and was part of His plan. Just like God didn't plan on letting Jesus stay on the cross dead, He doesn't plan to leave you. Trust God to resurrect your life today, to deliver your miracle and resurrect what you need today!