MAKE IT MANIFEST: You are a superhero, you know? April 19 2015

Make your dreams manifest, by believing they will come to pass.


When you were a kid, you probably had an amazing imagination. You could see yourself as a superhero, probably had a towel draped over your neck as you stood on the sofa and jumped from one cushion to the next - that was big stuff when we were kids! You could get caught between the cushions and have your foot stuck forever! You also probably had a big imagination about your dreams. Maybe you lined up your blocks or cardboard boxes to make the store where you worked, the hospital you were a doctor or nurse at, or you were in a big castle. Whatever it was you wanted to be, you saw it and you made it your world. As we grow up though, reality hits and we lose sight of our dreams and focus on bills, who might be sick in the family, that achy joint that won't stop throbbing, those bills again, school and other things that remind us to wake up - but part of that is the devil.

The devil wants us to stop believing in our dreams, to stop hoping and visualizing. He's the one that comes in and says we can't have it. The scripture reads, hope deferred makes the heart sick. That's why you have to keep pressing towards what you want God to bring you. If you want healing, speak it and declare it. Go to the altar call at church. Have the elders pray over you. Don't be afraid to ask God! HINT: THAT'S WHAT THEY DID IN THAT BLACK BOOK YOU HAVE IN THE DRAWER - THEY ASKED GOD. We forget to ask and settle into thinking it will always be like this. Not true.

If you want that dream job, study for it. See what others need and the qualifications required. Take a class or do a free online tutorial. Don't let obstacles stand in your way. Update your resume. Go on interviews and even if you know you're not fully qualified yet, let employers know you are studying and ask God to send wisdom to help you fill in the gaps. HINT: YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION AND MOVE IN THE DIRECTION YOU WANT TO GO. Just like that kid on the couch, don't be afraid to take a big leap from one sofa cushion to the next! God has you and even if you end up with a foot stuck in old candy, lint and pennies, you did it! You made the leap!

Beloved, there is nothing, REPEATING HERE FOR EMPHASIS: There is nothing too hard for God. That means don't just ask Him, but like a little kid, take Him by the hand and show Him what you want. God is your father, He loves you and wants to bless you! You are special. You are a blessing. You have a beautiful spirit and you have touched many lives along the way. Stop letting the devil beat you up and go tie your towel around your head. You are a super hero and God is going to bless you with the desires of your heart!