3 Ridiculously Fun Gag Gifts for the Holidays October 06 2017


Yup, we found the best of the best for your holiday shopping gags. Be warned, these are highly unnecessary and really just hours of fun a'waitin' to happen! 



1.  Cowboy Boot Roller Skates

Image courtesy CBS News

Shared courtesy of CBS News. The latest craze is western boot roller skates for men, women, and kids. Custom made, these might set you back anywhere from $200 up to $400, but hey, now that you can ride off in the sunset right next to your horse, does price really matter? Training wheels not included. Sparkly lights on the bottom, sold separately. Note: If you do not know how to skate, now is not the time.


2.  The Dad Bag



What's not to like about a fanny pack that can hide your wallet while you're on vacation. Just don't be surprised mom if dad finds a fake mommie muffin top online. These dad bags run about $30 and come in various skin tones. They don't even charge extra for the, well, extra hairy belly version. Note: While the debate is still up between Coke and Pepsi, try not to squeeeeeeeze a 2-liter of either in your dad bag, and do be sure to pay at the register. News at 11!


3.  SnooZzoo


One of the most comical gifts is the SnooZoo sleepover stuffed animal that comes in adult sizes, too. How did they know? If you can make it past this annoying commercial, then you might actually pay $74 for one. There's even a sweat-vent so you don't get too overheated. Seriously? Note: Do try and stay indoors as you don't want your neighbors thinking there's a wild animal on the loose. We don't want to see you on David Muir! 

And who said shopping wasn't tons of fun!