Reach the Least of These with God-Driven-Designs Outreach Materials... June 10 2015

 Not everyone who needs Jesus will walk right into church. Even when Jesus went into the church, He flipped tables over and was outraged. When Jesus sought out the masses and crowds, He was in the street preaching and witnessing. He spoke to everyone and He walked and witnessed. That's why it's important that we witness, too. When you need ministry tools, use God-Driven-Designs seed cards and prayer cards. They're not preachy, but they pack a powerful message that says, "God is here for you," or "Stay encouraged and don't give up." Remember, when we give to the least of these, we give to Jesus. Are you ready to order prayer cards? They're perfect for that summer barbecue or your beach weekend. Be sure to check out basketball prayer cards and seed cards as well as outreach ministry tools for your women's retreat or youth group.

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