Why you Need Jesus in your raft...Check out the hot new show: The Raft on Nat'l Geographic... June 11 2015

If you haven't seen National Geographic's new show, The Raft, you're really missing out on some great entertainment! It's like Survivor with no food and water! Each episode puts 2 people in a raft for a week to see if they can last. That lasts about 30-minutes because after the introductions, they realize, it's time to either A. turn on each other, B. throw up, or C. count the sharks in the water. The reason we say they need Jesus in their raft is it's the same in every show. They get comfortable and don't realize precious time is passing, so they sleep and when they wake up starving and dehydrated, by then, real sharks are poking at the boat. One man even said, "We're gonna' die tonight." Actually, in every episode they say, "We're going to die." That's because they actually have to get into the water to try to retrieve items and again, there are real sharks in the water, under the raft. My favorite was the fisherman who thought he was dying and said, "I guess there's nothing left to do but pray." Where I come from, you pray first - while you're making a lure to catch some fish! Be sure to check in and catch a cast of characters like the football player with groin issues, the female body builder who loses it in the middle of the night and the cross training couple who knew nothing about food and water. Yup, we need Jesus and a manual on survival at sea! Tune into The Raft on National Geographic.

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