Afraid of bumpy turbulence? Don't worry, God's got you... June 14 2015

A few years ago I took a flight that was scheduled to land at a tiny airport during a winter storm - note to self, never land in winter in storms in tiny airports.Done. So the plane was trying to land and approached, seatbelts locked, trays up, seats in upright positions, etc. Then all of a sudden we shot up in the air again really quickly and the plane began shaking! There were clouds everywhere, really thick fog, the wind was whipping and the plane was swaying violently with wind and shaking from turbulence. Really, now was the time to order that mixed drink - I'm just saying...So the guy next to me started to panic, I mean vocally and loudly. His arms were shaking and he was starting to say that it wasn't good and he wasn't sure about this, so I told him, "God's got us. We're going to be fine." I wasn't worried because God didn't say to me, "You need to change that flight," or "Remember what I said about tiny airports in winter storms."

The pilot came on and announced that due to wind and turbulence - obviously, we couldn't land and he was going to circle and make another attempt. We braced ourselves and the plane started shaking again - badly. My guy next to me was shaking more than the plane and I just knew he needed to apply for the flight attendant job. I'm telling you, he had martini skills. We were shaking so much, you could just envision a snack cart flying by momentarily and a flight attendant yelling from near the cock pit, "Got it!" I told the guy next to me don't worry and tried to reassure him. Seriously, I was praying too and I didn't hear God say, "Oh, by the way. There's something I forgot to tell you about."

The next thing you know, the plane suddenly lifted up and we sped forward - we couldn't land. The pilot came on and said he was going to make one more attempt because we were now running low on fuel. Mmm, this is where I started calling on Jesus vocally and loudly. As we started to touch down again and the plane was shaking, with my neighbor next to me panicking I had to speak over his panic-stricken voice and I was praying for the plane, the pilot, for angels to help us for everyone to be calm, and suddenly the plane lifted up and the pilot came on and said in so many words, "Later for this storm. We're going to JFK!"

God knows what He's doing and despite what it looks like or how many times you can't get through, know Beloved, that God's got you. It was important for me on that plane to remember to call on Jesus, to speak the word louder than the fear that was going on around me, and to trust God to land the plane safely. When in doubt start singing, "Jesus take the wheel," if you're country, or "Jesus is on the main line, tell Him what you want" if you ain't!

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Clip is courtesy of the Airplane movie