Why you must go back to church on Sunday... June 19 2015

We send our heartfelt condolences to Charleston, South Carolina and those affected by recent tragedies and shootings. It's a sign of the times, but we shouldn't let one person stop us because of hate, nor should we be afraid to go to malls and stores, fly on planes or work in tall buildings. That's what prayer is for and why we should pray continually for God's covering for our families, friends and loved ones.

 One can chase a thousand, two can chase ten thousand...

There's a Bible verse that what the devil means for harm, God works out for our good. If anything, we're seeing more people rallying together. Surely that young man who shot those people in church didn't expect to see thousands in each city that are rallying - and they're not just African American faces, they're not just the elderly who were at the church service in South Carolina. There's a global presence that's standing up in prayer. Remember, so many people wanted God out of schools, churches and government, so now we are seeing what happens when we take God out.

Jesus, when He picked the disciples, also picked Judas, because that was part of God's plan. While it looked like Judas was going to triumph, he didn't. While it looked like hate and evil had won when Jesus went to the cross, it didn't. While that young man thought he won killing innocent church attendees, he didn't. People are not only rallying together, but showing that the church has the support of other churches, white churches, black churches, politicians, and more. That's why we should return to church on Sunday - not to pray out of fear, but to pray for God's mercy on our enemies because God will ensure we have the victory! We have the authority in Christ. He paid with His blood.

The reason the devil is trying to rise up is because he's going after people who don't know who they are and are scared and working out of fear and confusion. That's why you have to read your Bible, stay prayed up, pray for God's favor, covering and protection in the name and blood of Jesus and read your Bible. There's a really good story in the end of that Bible. Hint: If you don't already know it, Jesus wins in the end and so do we! To God be the glory!

Image courtesy of: http://abcnews.go.com/US/charleston-shooting-mourners-gather-prayer-service-morris-brown/story?id=31855986