If You're Eating Vegan, Fresh and Gluten Free, Shouldn't You Feed Them the Same? August 21 2015

We do it everyday. We eat healthy and fresh. We juice and we fast. We cut down on sugar and salt, and we stay away from processed, frozen and canned foods because we know how bad they are - so why are we giving this to the homeless or food pantries? Use these tips to help redirect how you donate and ways to help others with stomach problems, gluten issues and food allergies.


Food for Thought

  • When you make donations to pantries, include gluten free products like bread and cereal that are gluten free for people, especially children, who may have issues with wheat belly.
  • Donate Lactaid milk, not just regular milk, and try to include soy or cashew milk with donations.
  • When prepping food in pantries, don't always make soup with meat in it, as there are a lot of vegans and vegetarians, so try to load up your stock with veggies, then split the mix between two pots - one with meat, one without. Also ensure broth is vegetable based and not just chicken or beef based.
  • For bakers, don't just make beef patties and chicken pot pies, but make veggie versions for people who don't eat meat or can't tolerate it.
  • When shopping for homeless shelters and pantries, try to buy low sodium products and don't just grab the cheapest crackers and cookies. Look for all natural or low sugar and sugar free. This can help with diabetics and kids who might not have regular dental check-ups.
  • For food service trucks that prep meals, consider an all vegan version for those with dietary or religious preferences. Try making veggie patties and soups that are filling the same way you would a meat-filled version.

There's a scripture that reads, "He who lends to the poor lends to the Lord," and another one, "Treat your neighbor the way you want to be treated." By considering the dietary restrictions others might have, we can help them to stave off the same illnesses that we have fought and overcome with our own dietary changes. People who receive food from shelters and pantries can also enjoy feeding their families gluten free, vegan or vegetarian versions, as well as low salt and sugar free versions. Have more tips? Let us know... ​


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