Can Counseling and Outsiders Help with a Rocky Marriage? August 21 2015

I always end up finding the reality TV shows that make you want to yell at the screen! This time it's 7 Year Switch. It's a combination "Starting Over" and "Marriage Boot Camp." It's a really fun show where 4 couples come together and swap partners for a couple of weeks. There's no sex, no petting, nothing close to that - thank God there's still some clean TV left, because these couples want to make their marriages work. The goal is to see if what they think they wanted in a partner - and didn't get, is really out there in someone else...Ha! That's where the fun starts.


Be careful what you wish for...

This show is great because not only can you see where couples are making really big mistakes - like the pushover Black Barbie, or the Controlling Tech Guy who won't let his wife in his office, but you can see how marriages have problems because of lack of communication and walls that people put up. I haven't had this much reality TV fun since "The Raft" where people fought off sharks and dehydration for a week - I would have jumped ship at not having coffee! 7 Year Switch is wrapping up its first season on the FYI channel. Don't have FYI? If you have Sling TV via a Roku or Wii, you can add FYI for $5 or look for the show on YouTube and be forewarned, you will yell at the screen! What men think they can get away with! They need to be swimming with the sharks!