About Us... August 21 2015

About the Owner

I started GOD-DRIVEN-DESIGNS in 2006. I would go into churches all the time to pray about what I needed and my problems on the job, etc., but what I found was that in the local Catholic church I frequented - because it was across the street from my apartment, once the masses ended, there were people left sitting in the dark. No one counseled them or prayed with them, so I started walking the aisles looking for people to pray with. I thought if I helped them with their problems, God would help me with my own. I began giving out scriptures, but post-it notes weren't enough! That's how I started my prayer cards.

I grew up in a time of old-fashioned Bible tracts that were little booklets with stories, which I loved, but I wanted something that had scripture references because I was meeting people who were praying over serious conditions like cancer. They were sitting there in this dark church with no one praying! Because I am a cancer survivor, I know God is a healer and I wanted them to have scriptures!


My mom would always tell the story about when I was 4 or 5 and she couldn't find me in the house. She ran outside and screamed when she found me in the back of a car. I was with 4 men telling them about my cancer - I remember sitting in the back seat, talking away! To me, that was my first witnessing experience so it was easy to create prayer cards just from talking to people and trying to meet them at their need, praise God! My mom's a cancer survivor, too, so we know the power of prayer!

When we started our business, our goal was and continues to be a way to reach people hungry for God's word and in need of prayer or an inspiring message through prayer cards, stationery, and gift sets. I hope you enjoy our prayer cards, ministry messages and gift sets. Always trust God, obey Him and He will guide you and make the way,



About God-Driven-Designs

OUR MINISTRY: God-Driven-Designs is a Christian, inspirational gift store, prayer card ministry, and motivational blog. Our goal is to help ministries reach the masses through our outreach materials. We’re also focused on helping those in need of a kind word or a bit of inspiration to get through all life’s trials and obstacles! Shop with us for your church party, retreat or your next big event! Our goal with empowering women is to build self confidence, help women take control of their lives, and empower, equip, and teach them about ways they can grow and become successful.

We want to fill them with positive affirmations and inspiration so they can grow and reach their full potential, whether they’re a stay at home mom, business leader, student, or entrepreneur through our inspirational prayer cards and gift store, motivational messages and ministry. Have an idea for a church event, party or retreat, just let us know and we’ll help you make it a big success! Remember, we sell everything from prayer cards and plaques, to t-shirts and inspiring gift sets, so before you spend a lot of money check with us to see if we can find additional savings for you! 

OUR MISSION: Our mission at God-Driven-Designs is to spread the Gospel of God everyday, to everyone, and everywhere through our colorful products and designs, to give God glory, to share the good news, to witness and testify, to share with others, and ultimately, to help those in need. 

OUR GOAL: Our goal in our graphic design and image branding business is to create beautiful and bold packaging, displays and materials that will direct traffic to your business, ministry or website. Through our store, our goal is to create gifts that will spread joy and laughter for those in need of comfort, healing, inspiration and motivation.

We also work in event planning and help ministries and businesses with their marketing materials. And of course, we want you to check out our  Inspirational Blog where you can see great messages from Joyce Meyer, Iyanla Vanzant, Joel Osteen, TD Jakes and other top ministry leaders and speakers. We also post inspirational stories, videos and music, and of course, we will always let you know about great deals, tips and savings! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!