Pray it By Ear... January 25 2018

In a world that wants us to tune into man or machine (electronic devices), it's important to hear from God.

God-Driven-Designs has created a prayer inspired book that gives:

  • Simple prayers to call on God,
  • Sample prayers that have worked,
  • God's sense of humor: funny stories about answered prayers,
  • How to ask for God's mercy and scriptures to rely on,
  • Prophetic words that God has shared that have come true about the recent earthquakes, Puerto Rico, cruise ship accidents, the travel accidents, and mass shootings, 
  • Steps to help you pray for others and have your own prayers answered, and
  • An inspiring Foreword with the message to never give up by God-Driven-Designs

Order your copy of our latest and most powerful eBook which will be released shortly.

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