Trust God's Timing... July 30 2017


Trust God's timing. Those same people who said you couldn't do it or said that it wasn't possible will one day get to see your success...

I bought an orchid plant a few years ago and thought because I had good sunlight in my window that it might grow. Season after season I'd look at that plant and didn't see a bud or flowers, only a taller, stick-like weed. I figured, "Oh well," and got ready to throw it out. One day a little voice said, "Pull the curtain back," and when I did, to my astonishment, there were big buds growing and within a couple of weeks, I had orchid flowers! I didn't realize that the orchid pushed itself past the curtain so it could be exposed to more light. I had it in the window where I would give it light in the morning before I left for work and then close it off at night, but I guess it wanted - and needed, more exposure.

Is someone discounting you? Maybe they look at you and think "Oh well," but know that your time is coming. God has placed special gifts in you that will be revealed at the right time. While you might want to pull the curtain back now, it might not be time yet. This can happen on your job where you feel undervalued, or in a marriage or relationship where you might not be appreciated. With my orchid, I have to admit, I wanted to say that I could grow the plant, but God was showing me that His way didn't require any extra help. Trust that God's timing is right on time. Keep staying in His light - humbly, and don't worry about the spotlight or the timing. At just the right time, God will let your light shine before men to honor Him!

-Your gifts will make room for you and bring you before great men. Proverbs 18:16