Walking a Tightrope? It's Really a Lifeline to God February 11 2022

I heard in the spirit, "His love is so rich toward us. He cannot fail. He is a loving God who changes not. He is here for His people. He is also a covenant God and will honor His covenant with us. Keep singing to Me. Keep glorifying Me. Many are in spiritual denial about what they see because they want to hold onto what they knew."

Saints, Father God wants you to be confident in God. But how can you be confident when it feels like you're walking a tightrope? Here's how to navigate that tight place because it's NOT what you think. 


"I Know You're Walking a Tight Rope," God

Praise the Lord, Saints! Father God has a special topic He wants me to cover about tightropes. We originally posted this on 6/15/21. Before we get started, I hear God saying, "Tell them to calm down when they see what God does" and "Tell them they will have evidence." Remember, God is working and moving on our behalf. Whether it's a sudden earthquake or storm, or a breaking news event, let's trust God, let Him work, and rest in Him.

Delayed is Not Denied, But You Have to Pass the Test Which is Sometimes About Exercising Divine Restraint

Ahh, David. One second, he's feeding sheep. The next he's proving himself and slaying a giant. And, then he's running from Saul. An anointed life is a complex call, really. God has to groom His Sons and Daughters in how to face all kinds of adversities AND build confidence in God. He also has to teach us how He wants us to walk, i.e., royal priesthood, chosen generation. But what's interesting is that Saul forgot who David was. Do you remember that passage? David had just slayed Goliath and Saul asked someone, "Whose son is this?" How could Saul not know who David was? David was sent to play the harp for Saul to cast out his demons. And Saul was the one who told his staff that he wanted David to stay with him. Was it short-term memory loss? Or was David hidden for a season? 

The concern with David was after he slayed the giant, he was now in the spotlight. The crowds were cheering for him, and Saul became jealous. You know, "Saul can chase his thousands. David his TENS of thousands." That must have really set Saul off. I mean, how can you go from defeating one giant problem in front of you to running from another. But, alas, that's part of growing into the call. And we must remember that Jesus ran, too, so to speak. He hid from the crowds who wanted to make him king. And this is also a reminder that because we're in the same bloodline as David and Jesus that we face some of the same obstacles our ancestors did. But what a great reminder that Jesus ALREADY overcame the world! Glory to God. The problem with David though was the tightrope he was walking with Saul.

We have to remember that David grew up isolated from his family. He was their errand boy and tended to the sheep. Last time I checked, sheep weren't directly outside the front door. They were usually a great distance away. They'd have to be for the lion and bear to have access to them, right? So, there's David growing up in isolation, singing to God, and slaying the occasional giant predator. And God loved him for his pure heart. And his brothers hated him for his pure heart. And Saul hated for his pure heart. You get where I'm going with this. But this ties in with a distinct passage in Job that I want to refer to briefly.

Holding Onto God for Hope, and During the Test

I was reading the end of Job earlier and God's answer to Job. What's interesting is that God loved Job, too, like David. When God's proud of His kids, it's not some kind of sadistic love that says "Okay, let me put you through the fire now." No. On the contrary, it's the opposite. The devil comes along and says, "Whoa, that one's going to come after me one day. Let me do what I can to try to stop him now." It happened with David as Saul tried to kill him because Saul was jealous of David. But, what's interesting in that passage at the end of Job is that after the test, God blessed Job with double for what he lost during the test.

Job held fast to God and His beliefs that he didn't do anything wrong to cause the adversity he was experiencing. Job held that faith even when his wife said to curse God and die. He held that faith even when his friends said he must have done something wrong. And I need to read that book again to see what the third test was as they usually come in threes. Maybe it was the devil, the wife, and the friends. But let's get back to David and why we need to repent and hold onto God, i.e., that lifeline, which feels like a tightrope.  

In all the times that David was under attack by Saul, he never fought back, that is until he tore Saul's garment in the cave. David cut off a piece of Saul's garment and later said to him in so many words, "See, I could have killed you if I wanted to." But we know that David didn't want to nor could he. That moment when David was in front of Saul was the game changer. It was almost as if David himself were saying "Though He slay me yet shall I trust Him." Those were Job's words, but David might as well have said them. What he actually said was something along the lines of "I have not come against God's prophet, nor will I. The Lord judge between me and thee."

What's interesting is the divine restraint David had and this is baffling because remember, David slayed Goliath, the lion and the bear. He also killed I think 200 Philistines and cut their foreskins off. We wrote about this topic before but what I want to highlight is the significance of the glory of God. Our God is SO powerful that He can demonstrate His power while also showing restraint. And, what He's teaching us to do is to develop the same restraint so we can call on Him and exercise the power He gives and commands, and this restraint of God is BIG. Here's why.

After I read Job, I hopped over to Luke and reread the passage about how God is no respecter of persons and even blesses the evil. So, we know God is gracious, patient, and kind-hearted. God is so loving that He sent Jesus so we could have access to God and become official sons and daughters. But, similar to David, God wants us groomed in His image. Hence, we have tests so we can learn how to think like God and Jesus. As an example, remember the crowds? Jesus told the disciples, "You feed them." God and Jesus are teaching us that as heirs apparent, we have access to the same powers and authority that God and Jesus do. Hence, we can call on God and trust in Him to work on our behalf. Now, the feeding 5,000 and breaking the net with the fish might take more faith but you get the idea.

Lord, Increase Our Understanding

Ultimately, what I want you to understand is that the tightrope is not really a tightrope, per se. The devil wants people to look at it as an actual tightrope that you're walking on so he can say, "Just jump and die already" because he doesn't want us passing the tests and defeating him. Incidentally, that phrase was similar to what the devil said to Jesus during his 40-days of testing when he said to Jesus, "Throw yourself down from here." So, you see that same shady devil is still trying to come against God's property, i.e., His children and chosen ones.

Instead of seeing that tightrope as the devil wants, envision it as God sees it. You're in a quiet place where you're learning to lean on God MORE. Say, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Say, "Lord, I know this is a narrow place. I can do nothing without You, so I invite You in and ask for You to make the way." What that does is it releases any reliance you had on self (ego, false pride, your own way, stinkin' thinkin'). You're also inviting God in to assist you. And you're asking for His help to pass the test. And you will. Here's how I know.

Even in my most difficult testing seasons I would hear "You know you're walking on a tightrope" and I'd say, "No, I rebuke that. I'm holding onto a lifeline to God and He won't let my foot slip." I said it that way because to hear "You KNOW you're on a tightrope is to try to strike fear." DO NOT RECEIVE THAT. Speak back and say, "No. God doesn't give us the spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and a sound mind." Remove the fear and ONLY see passing the test and giving glory to God because you're growing even in overcoming this obstacle.

There is NO test that God sends that you will fail. Zero. Hear me clearly. God ONLY sends the test when He knows that you will pass it. How do we know this? He made the end from the beginning over 2,000 years ago. He knew what you'd do before He formed you in the womb and preordained you. He knows every hair on your head, every tear you shed, and every attack and person trying to come against you. But, maybe, just maybe you're questioning "How is this going to help me with my bills?"

Be Stronger in Your Tongue

The more Saul chased David, the more David confided in God, and the more David sang to God in Psalms. As God's sons and daughters, the devil is trying to come against us because we are his biggest enemies. Like Saul, the devil is threatened because we're God's chosen, and we have authority over the devil and can make him flee. That's why praying in tongues and worship are so important.

I wrote about this before. One day I had SO MANY bills, I mean a ton of debts, right? No coincidences with God. I think He intentionally let my well run dry and set up this test to help me see HIS PERSPECTIVE as His daughter, and through HIS EYES. I was crying over bills and God said, "Why aren't you singing to me?" I have to admit maybe it was the Afrin up my stuffy nose, but I thought, "What?" I was so confused, and I just couldn't understand. [You know like Peter in Matthew 17:4 and using fleshly thoughts "Let's build an altar for them, Lord."] I didn't want to be disrespectful, but the tears started flowing like a river. It was.... It was like the woman with the little oil and Elijah saying, "Can you make me a cake?" She must have thought "What?" But that, beloved, is the test, and importantly how we have to STEP UP to think more like God and not limit His abilities with our flesh.


God wants us to see like He sees. He wants us to think like He thinks. When He asked me why I wasn't singing, He knew why. I was doubting and being limited in my own abilities. However, we serve a LIMITLESS God. So, there's God walking in the Garden and saying to me in so many words, "Daughter, why is thy countenance fallen? Why aren't you singing and resting confidently in Me?" It's like He was waiting for me to SEE that I was doubting. Once I realized that I wasn't mirroring God but the flesh I could trust confidently in God because NOTHING is impossible for Him. Had I thought that initially, I would never have gotten frustrated in the first place. I would have been too busy praising God because He was ABOUT TO show up!

But it doesn't stop there. God wants us to use our worship. He wants us to use or voices to glorify Him and call on Him. That tightrope or tight place is a time when you build your confidence and shift from SELF and doing it MY WAY to GOD and HIS WAY as the only way. Like that woman with a little oil. By the time she obeyed the prophet, she had MORE THAN ENOUGH. So, that lack is no coincidence. That enemy coming in like a flood is no coincidence either. It's God positioning you and setting you up for the blessings that are coming. It's God showing up to help and also why He says, "The end of a thing is the beginning of God." It doesn't make sense, at first, I get it. It didn't to me either, and guess what? It didn't make sense to David.

Remember when David started Psalm 22 with "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Why art thou so far from helping me, and from the words of my roaring?" By the end of the chapter, he was singing to God KNOWING that God would show up. David even reminded himself (i.e., spoke over and encouraged himself in the Lord) that the same God who delivered before would do it again. "Our fathers trusted in thee: they trusted, and thou didst deliver them. They cried unto thee, and were delivered: they trusted in thee, and were not confounded," Psalm 22:4-5.

Saints, God is setting the table for you. Hear me clearly. HE sets it. But it doesn't LOOK LIKE it's yours. That's the trick of the enemy because the devil wants you to think the table is his. He wants you to give up. He literally wants you to GET UP from the table God set for YOU and walk away. Noooo. Instead, see that all things are working for our good. See that you are rightfully seated with God YOUR Father and Jesus. See the favorable outcome you want and speak it out.

Pray, speak in tongues, fast, sing, dance, and glorify God. You were anointed for this and just like David, you will have EVERYTHING God says you will have. Hint: We're in David's bloodline AND Abraham's and God SWORE He would bless us and all our future generations. Remember, your worship is your weapon. See the favorable outcome you want, and then confidently decree it and declare it. We have a loving God who is here to help us. But this last thing is important.

Invite God In, He's Covenant and Can't Do It Without Your Permission (It's Free Will)

God is not presumptive. Meaning, He won't just move and help because you are singing to Him. You've got to call on Him and ASK HIM TO HELP. It's free will so He has to be invited in, or as my mom says, God is a gentleman. Invite Him in and like the Bible says, "Let your requests be made known unto God." The reason this is SO BIG and why the devil fights us SO HARD is that we have 100% access to God through Jesus. God also said that "He supplies all our needs." So, we have to politely remind God about His promises (Deuteronomy 28:1-13). Bring to His remembrance what He said He will do because when you hear, "You're walking a tightrope" it might be that God wants you to politely challenge Him and remind Him that He said He would supply ALL you need.

God WILL help with the bills, that marriage, that illness, those kids, that loss, that new job, those computer problems. God is here for His children. Be thirsty for God and seek Him out. Like Jacob who wrestled with God, remind Father God politely that you have bills, or a particular need. Go to God and wait on Him, not Aunt Bam, not your cousin, but God. If He sends them to help great, but remember, He said to "Seek Me first, then all these things shall be added unto you." He also said, "Call on Me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you and you shall glorify Me." Call Him okay. And politely remind Him that He has to deliver you because He said He would. I think He already knows to expect your call! I mean He IS all-knowing! ;o) 

We pray, Lord, we give You the highest praise. Thank You for teaching us and helping us grow stronger in You. Lord, please help me with [name what you need help with]. I invite You in and ask for You to make the way. Please also remove me from the hands of my enemies. No weapons formed against me shall prosper. Please show me the windows of opportunity You have for me, and I give You all the glory, honor, and praise, in Jesus's mighty name, Amen."   

Give God Control and Then Confidently Rest in Him (He Knows the Way, He's Got the Map)

NEVER live in fear or doubt God again. He is here for you. And, like He told David in so many words, "All you have to do is ask" and then wait for Him. I heard the Lord say earlier, "Answer Me when I call to you." God wants relationship with His children. He doesn't want us anxious, fretting, or carrying bitterness because we THINK He's not there. Hence, we must rebuke any stubborn pride and see the test differently. God has not abandoned you. He is not playing games with you. That's the devil trying to play tricks with your mind. God is there to help so call on Him.

I heard in the spirit, "His love is so rich toward us. He cannot fail. He is a loving God who changes not. He is here for His people. He is also a covenant God and will honor His covenant with us. Keep singing to Me. Keep glorifying Me. Many are in spiritual denial about what they see because they want to hold onto what they knew." It's a reminder to LET THAT GO. Old things are passed away. Let God take control of the wheel. Give EVERYTHING over to Him, i.e., "Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you. He will never permit the righteous to fall, (Psalm 55:22). To God be the glory! 

Note: Father God also mentioned tightrope in another message. Sharing the excerpt here: 

Remember when Jesus was on the boat with the disciples? The storm started, Jesus was sleeping, and they had to wake him up. However, Jesus had ALREADY said what the outcome would be, "Let us cross over to the other side." He wanted them to wake Him up (call on Him). So, let's remember to invite God and Jesus in when we're unsure or don't SEE God working. It's like that tightrope. Father God said a few times, "I know it feels like a tightrope that you're on." But what is a tightrope? It's walking from one point to another, so basically, you're trying to get from point A to point B. However, there's all that space in between, right? That's where you might need more faith.

Pray and ask God to increase your faith so that when you speak what you need, you can rest confidently in God to bring it to pass REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU SEE. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost to guide you and He will help with every detail. When you speak God's word, believe for the supernatural and RECEIVE IT in your spirit FIRST. It can then become manifest in the flesh. Receiving it first supernaturally is the way Jesus taught us to receive what we need, (Mark 11:22-26). Speak God's word boldly and confidently and then let God's angels line up everything necessary to bring God's Word to pass. And He will! Hence, it's important to believe God ONLY, not man. Stay encouraged. We have the victory and God won't fail!