Under Attack? Keep Singing to God like David. You Won't Fail! February 13 2022

Bible Reading: Psalm 16

Prayer "Remove me from every hidden trap."

Praise the Lord, Saints. At 1:11 am, yes, 111, I heard Father God say "Keep giving glory to God. Tell that devil leave God's people alone." Stop playing games with God's people. I also hear "They're going to be saying 'Not fair' when they see what God does." 

If you're watching the game later, you probably have a feast of goodies that you want to put on to start the party, right? And you're in a celebratory mood, right? You go to church and praise God and fellowship with others. But there's the devil somewhere behind the scenes trying to steal your joy. Like today's Super Bowl game, he wants to intercept the ball. Only in this case, he wants to steal your joy. But don't let him.

The devil likes to play games to try to undermine God's people but that's why we pray "Lord, remove me from the hand of my enemies" from (Psalm 31:8,15) and "Remove me from every hidden trap." When you pray those prayers, you're saying, Lord, I know You SEE what the devil will try to do next, but you can help me get away. That happened when David was running from Saul (I Samuel, Psalms).

God NEVER Let Saul Capture David

David would hide out somewhere and sing to God. He'd praise God for deliverance. He was used to being alone (abandoned by his brothers and father, left to tend sheep). But David didn't mind. He kept a song in his heart knowing that God would ALWAYS deliver him.  So, keep singing to God and rest in Him. Like David, you're anointed for this. The same way Daved tended sheep and protected them from the bear and the lion, God protected him later in life from Saul. But here's what's interesting.

At one point Saul THOUGHT he could capture David, and he was about to, but someone said, "Hey Saul, you're being attacked at home." Saul had to leave and go defend himself. What Saul meant for harm; God sent that very thing back against him instead! So, don't worry about that enemy or those people on the job. Don't worry them folks thinking they're going to get over on you! God's GOT you.

Keep Calling on God in the Middle of the Test/Flood/That Situation

This is only a test to see are you going to keep calling on God, putting Him first and singing to Him. God is setting us up for blessings. He's about to make promotions. He's getting ready to say to that enemy "Uh, I'm coming for YOU," so don't walk away from what God says or does.

Keep offering up the sacrifice of praise. Keep reading your Bible and getting to bed by 9:30 pm, 1:00 am at the latest. Keep getting up early and glorifying God. At just the right moment, our SUDDENLY will come. Get a "He's got me" and "He won't let my foot slip" in your spirit!

Keep singing and let God work. Listen for Him to guide and lead you and keep your defenses up. Remember, God says He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us. but that enemy? Those demons and witches? Don't even think about them. God will SUDDENLY come and remove them.

Stay encouraged Saints and be on the winning team. Keep reading your Bible MORE. Remember, don't walk away from what God says or does. Believe for God's miracle-working power. Then suddenly victory! Then suddenly favor! Then suddenly the miraculous!

Image Credit: http://www.biblevector.com/2011/02/bible-stories-david-020911.html