Why Did God Say Look at the Halftime Show? February 14 2022


Why Did God Say Look at the Halftime Show?

So, remember yesterday when Father God said, "Look at the Halftime Show"? He was referring to the Super Bowl Halftime Show in L.A. at SoFi Stadium. I didn't get to watch it when it aired live but checked the news and sure enough, there it was in the comments.

As a guest star who played a few hits, Eminem took a knee during "Lose Yourself." He stayed on one knee briefly when Dr. Dre sat at the piano playing Tupac’s "I Ain’t Mad at Cha." While it looked like a tribute to Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling protests, here's a question. 

Some see taking a knee as disrespecting the American Flag, right? However, Kaepernick expressed how he wants to highlight racial injustices. An interesting thought is our players do kneel to pray, so the concern is while the media makes it look like disrespect to the Flag, is there a hidden pushback over kneeling that's really against prayer? I mean, why would Father God mention the halftime show? When He said it yesterday, I thought it meant there might be violence and to pray about that. However, maybe God sees something more here.

While I don't think we should ever disrespect the American Flag in any way, what if there's a hidden anger/hatred against kneeling because Colin's doing it as subservience to God and asking for God's mercy? It's like saying "Lord, please step in and help where there's racial injustice, witchcraft, demonic, Jezebels, Leviathans, Python spirits, the spirit of offense, and the spirit of oppression?"

Eminem taking a knee is a reminder that God and Jesus are breaking down racial, religious, gender, and social barriers in Hollywood, with celebrities, singers, and sports stars, regardless of what THEY say or do. Just a thought. However, to substantiate this, God spoke through Pastor Kent Christmas last December or January about how He would expose Hollywood and more celebs, sports stars, etc., would come to Jesus.

When God spoke through Pastor Kent, He also said that we would see more secular singers singing church music, and we saw this with Justin Bieber coming to Christ. LOVE when he performed Jireh with Chandler Moore. 

Some news affiliates said that the NFL didn't want the rapper to kneel. However, other sites indicate that they saw him kneel during the halftime show practice.