BREAKING NEW: Igor Danchenko Paid FBI Informant, Ties to Dems, Hillary Clinton's Campaign September 16 2022


9/16/22 We Have the Advantage

I hear God saying "Remember, EVERY KNEE bows to Me." God said repeatedly "explosion on the news" and He said repeatedly to ask, "Are you sure?" as many are believing the fake news media (false prophets, mark of the beast), and not God through His prophets.

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says two developments in the media contributed to distrust from the public. One was the “bombshell announcement” there was no proof former US president Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.

The second is a background into Igor Danchenko. Mr. Bolt said, US Special Counsel John Durham charged Danchenko with “lying to the FBI”, a charge to which the Russian citizen has pled not guilty. "But Durham’s court filings also reveal that Danchenko was for three years paid by the FBI as an informant.”

“Trashing Trump, but more astonishing, that he had links in Moscow to Russian intelligence and had admitted so. “This gigantic Trump collusion hoax was largely inspired by fake claims from a Russian connected to Russian intelligence - a man paid by the Democrats and by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”


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