Calm Down When You See What God Does. PS: He Heard EVERY Word. November 09 2023


Praise God for President Trump. Praise God for Donald Trump. “We’re about to see a miracle soon and there’s going to be fighting on the streets when they see what I do.”

Praise God for Donald Trump

If today was the AFC and NFC championships to determine who is going to the Super Bowl, we ALREADY KNOW Team Trump will make the playoffs, and the odds are favoring him for MVP (Most Victorious President) and GOAT. President Trump’s going to carry it, but a concern is some don’t see it yet. Former Governor for Minnesota Tim Pawlenty said, “Trump’s GOP opponents are unfortunately left with divinity or luck as their last best hope.” And our response is “missed it by THAT MUCH.”

The President dominated in the Iowa poll, and every state and national poll. Despite rival attacks, bogus indictments, refusing to debate, the Trump Train is unstoppable. What’s more, with God the ONLY one calling the shots, and President Trump compared to Cyrus and David, the Jewish New Year is also shining a beacon of light on what’s to come. 5784 stands for open doors, prisoners freed, and David restored. Hence, the odds are GREATLY in President Trump’s favor.  And with all bets on a major move of God coming soon, it doesn’t matter what battleground states reflect. God said today “It’s about to come out.” And what exactly is coming? At 12:44 pm I heard “Let them know they are in for bad news when President Trump reveals himself.”

Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural shared an excerpt from Rabbi Jonathan Cahn about the god Ashtaroth. From his book, The Return of the Gods, we know Ashtaroth changed men into women in her time, they had sex change operations, and were pro obamanations. However, God said at 1:04 pm today to say, “Tell them I am not afraid of you, and you don’t need to be afraid of her.” With gods like Ashtaroth and demons like Jezebel trying to establish dominance, we plead the name and blood of Jesus Christ against all witchcraft and everything that is anti- Jesus Christ.

Let’s continue to rebuke these false doctrines and rebuke these cancerous false deities. We decree and declare we will have NO OTHER GOD STANDING FOR US IN THIS COUNTRY EXCEPT FOR THE LORD OUR GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST. While they are trying to target me and you and innocent people in this nation, God’s wrath and sudden judgment are coming for them. As Dr. Ben Smith said when he introduced Rabbi Jonathan Cahn at the Feast of Tabernacles event at Family Church a month ago, “The chaff in your life is about to be blown away by the wind of the Lord.” And they THINK God is playing?

The censure against Tlaib is evidence that THEY are reaping what they sow. Byron Donald made an excellent point about Rashida Tlaib in a Benny Johnson video clip earlier today about the dichotomy of having a pro-Palestinian flag and a pro-LGBTQ flag outside her office door. So let’s pray for them. I also invite them to read about the Philistines who stole the Arc of God - like certain people think they stole this nation and are trying to get rid of the American Flag and instill false values and ideations that don’t represent our founding fathers.

When the Philistines stood the Arc NEXT TO their god Dagan, the next day (because God can do A LOT in 24-hours), their god was found face down, i.e., it had been toppled over. They stood their god back up. I guess he couldn’t do it himself, right? So, it happened again. The very next day, their god was found face down, fallen over and THIS TIME (somebody say “this time!”), it’s head and hands were cut off. Again, this is NOT meant as a threat, but THEY DON’T KNOW how they are angering our God and HIS WRATH IS COMING SOON. The Philistines suffered curses with hemorrhoids or emerods, only these were not like little, tiny bubbles. These were huge tumors that manifested like a plague. Because they weren’t sure if the curse was from the Living God, they moved the Arc three times and each time, the people suffered the same curse. Hence, THEY GAVE THE ARK BACK!

What I’m saying is that while they are trying to plant hemorrhoids, i.e., witchcraft and demons, in this case, among God’s people to “eat them from the inside out,” it’s not going to work that way THIS TIME. And I know this is the word God gave through Pastor Kent Christmas 2 or 3 years ago about the plague that’s coming as God said as a warning “He’s about to pluck them out like hemorrhoids.” In this nation, we have drawn a line in the sand, and some people don’t see it but we decree and declare we choose God. We choose Jesus Christ. And we choose President Donald J. Trump.

We say no to their obamanations. We say no their false gods. We say no to sexual sin, violence, intimidation demons, and all their witchcraft, evil, and demonic. We come in the name of the Lord, and we say to every demon trying to come against God and this nation and the innocent lives that want to choose God, Jesus, and President Trump, your time is up demons. We will not back down. We will not walk away. Our nation is not for sale.

We stand together and we will fight but it won’t be the fight you think because you’ve ALREADY LOST. We rebuke satan’s power and we rebuke those demons and bind them from here. We cast all witches and demons into God’s tornado, and we release warring angels to defend us. You are trying to establish your false gods in God’s territory, but you got it wrong! Just like the Philistines tried to put the Ark in the house of Dagan but EVERYTHING is God’s and THEY WILL BOW DOWN TO JESUS CHRIST. We are NOT bowing down to baal and we will NOT give up our birthright for a bowl of soup. We come in the name of the Lord, and you WILL leave God’s people alone.     

As Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming stated, “It looks right now it’s going to be Donald Trump.” Thanks John, but there was never any doubt. Our God is GREATLY to be praised. Wait and see what God does!

Praise God for President Trump. Praise God for Donald Trump. “We’re about to see a miracle soon and there’s going to be fighting on the streets when they see what I do.” Calm down when you see what God does. It's GOOD NEWS for God's people.

And I hear “Tell them calm down when you see what God does.” Tell them it doesn’t matter what they’re seeing. I’m about to move through. This land belongs to God and they’re going to be shocked by what I do. Keep on believing on Me. They’re going to be shocked by what I do. They’re going to be screaming not fair when they see what I do by how My wrath and sudden judgment comes. Don’t worry, God’s people, as I surround you with My grace. But make the announcement soon. Shout it from the rooftops. My sudden judgment is coming. THEY are going to be saying 'not fair' when they see what God does. I’m coming to remove their foolish pride. I’m coming to remove every high-minded thing that tries to exalt itself. Only My finger is on the pulse, and I told them touch not mine anointed. They WILL LEAVE GOD’S PEOPLE ALONE because this is a losing battle for anything that tries to come against Me."

God's Sudden Judgment is coming, and God’s muscle is coming in. Make sure they know that He heard every word.

Praise God for President Trump!