Get Ready for Civil Unrest and Protests When They See What I Do November 07 2023


On Monday, Nov. 6, the civil fraud trial against President Donald J. Trump started. The news used phrases like “combustible atmosphere” and “open fireworks” to describe the tense moments when he took the stand, but they can’t begin to imagine what God’s about reveal because of how they’re coming against His David.

Legal analyst Lisa Rubin shared on X that Judge Arthur Engoron vented to Chris Kise, the President’s defense attorney that he was displeased with Trump’s answers while on the stand.

“Mr. Kise, can you control your client? This is not a political rally … Maybe you should have a talk with him right now,” Rubin shared. However, Kise suggested it would be better to let the “former and future chief executive of the United States” answer. “I beseech you to control him if you can. If you can’t, I will. I will excuse him and draw every negative inference that I can,” according to Lowell.

President Trump’s attorney Alina Habba stated in court that if the state prosecutor wanted better answers, he should ask better questions, and Engoron ordered her to “Sit down!” The President said “Very, very unfair trial, and I hope the public is watching.” It’s a reminder that he said the proceedings were unconstitutional in coming against and slandering President Trump to try to stop the 2024 election. But we know the devil is the accuser of the brethren.

The Unjust Justice System is On Full Display

During his testimony, Trump called Letitia James, NYAG, a “political hack” using the trial to boost her political future. As he spoke about the judge, the President said, “Everybody’s watching this case. He called me a fraud and he didn’t know anything about me. The fraud is on the court and not on me.”

What a powerful reminder that the corrupt court systems are overplaying their hand. The court is supposed to remain neutral and not use terminology against someone before they are tried as that kind of wording can sway the jury.  And while it looks like the public CAN cite “Not fair,” recall that God said through prophets like Diana Larkin that HE’S SETTING THEM UP. They’re all falling for it and they’re all trying to target President Trump because God is MAKING IT LOOK LIKE THEY CAN COME AFTER HIM. Hook. Line. AND STINKER.

The Post quoted Habba as saying “And the numbers don’t lie when President Trump runs for office in 2024, Those numbers are loud and clear. This country is falling apart. And if we don’t stop corruption, in courtrooms where attorneys are gagged, where attorneys are not allowed to say what they need to say to protect their client's interest. It doesn’t matter what your politics are. Everyone in this country has a right to put up a defense.” Hence, the evidence IS CLEAR. And it’s NOT President Trump or his attorney who are on trial.

Rally for President Trump

Before court Monday, President Trump stated clearly that the trial "is really election interference. This trial is ridiculous. It’s political warfare, as you would call it, or political lawfare. I got a lot of names for it."

Entering the courtroom, President Trump told reporters, "These are political operatives that I am going to be dealing with right now.” Adding that “it is usually something that takes place in third-world countries and banana republics,” The President has referred to Justice Arthur Engoron who will decide the outcome instead of a jury, as “tyrannical and unhinged.”

With hours on the witness stand Monday, the judge frequently clashed with Trump and his attorney. The scene grew chaotic with the judge stating it was “not a political rally.” Then why force Habba to sit down and call the President a fraud, which shows an obviously swayed bias and can affect the mind of voters in the upcoming election.

At one point Justice Engoron, became frustrated that President Trump didn’t provide “yes” or “no” answers. Alina Habba, the President’s attorney told Engoron, "You are here to hear what he has to say," to which Engoron responded by yelling, "No, I am not here to hear what he has to say!"

President Trump expressed “I am being forced to take the witness stand tomorrow in a SHAM trial in New York City where an extremely anti-Trump Attorney General is trying to impose the ‘corporate death penalty’ upon me and even my family,” said President Trump in an email. But when the truth comes to surface, he won’t be the one to have to worry about a “corporate death penalty” because the President has noted that its part of a political witch hunt and unconstitutional.

While the trial is meant to come against President Trump’s business licenses and properties, he’s not worried and neither are we. Our God is THE ONLY JUDGE AND JURY, and THEY need to be worried because it’s not just their political futures that are at stake.

They are trying to demolish the reputation of a sitting president but similar to how Saul COULD NEVER capture or slander David, our David will receive GOD’S VINDICATION. As God said “President Trump is about to make his announcement soon,” all the world’s a stage.

Wait until they find out about Joe Biden. Let’s get HIM to take the witness stand.

Stay tuned!