MSM Says Trump is "Toast" But Kings Overplayed Their Hand Says Nate Johnston & God August 31 2023

Donald Trump Gets Great News

The fake news is at it again. This time they're boasting about four criminal indictments, and support for President Trump coming from Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz. But Alan's not a real Trump fan.

Dershowitz stated that "Many so-called progressives have been willing to ignore procedural safeguards and due process in their campaign to get former President Donald Trump and called it a "misuse" of the law in an effort to "prevent the leading Republican candidate from running against the incumbent candidate for president." While he acknowledges that Dems are indeed ignoring procedural safeguards since they regard President Trump "especially dangerous and therefore undeserving of due process," he adds “special injustice for an unjust man!” However, President Trump is innocent, and God will prove it.

While Dershowitz added that "in our system of law, which is based on precedent, there is no such thing as special injustice," with so much censoring, people really believe justice is blind. The problem is while THEY think they can shut down the prophets and censor them, they can't silence God's voice. And only God has the final say. Hence, in the coming days as God's wrath and sudden judgment come, let's let God's hand play out...oh, wait. They don't know about that either. God spoke through Nate Johnston today about the hand the wicked kings are about to play but they don't realize that they are sealing their own fates.

As MSNBC stated in a video today about our David, President Trump, "He's toast, it's over": Attorney on the evidence that could doom Trump in docs case, there is a way which seemeth right to a man but let them look up the rest since apparently, they are so smart.


Dershowitz did correctly state that Democrats "weaponized" the country’s laws for political purposes, which opens the door for laws improperly aimed at innocent Americans. But God's vision through Prophet Nate Johnston summed it up best.

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In his THE KINGS OF THE EARTH HAVE OVERPLAYED THEIR HAND dream from 08/29/2023, Nate stated "I had a dream last Tuesday night where I saw Kings of the earth, elites who called themselves Gods higher than God, and they were gathered in a dark and smoky den around a poker table. They all had a card in their hands and were each ready to play their card. I noticed that on the backs of each of these cards were written "Acts of world destruction." They began laughing loudly thinking about the absolute chaos they were about to wreak on the earth and reveling in the joy of being able to have that kind of power and destructive influence.


I knew that these men and their cards were all choreographed steps in the enemy’s plan to usher in a new world order and collapse of civilization.
But as they each began to turn their cards over their laughter immediately started to turn into sheer terror. Something was wrong. They thought they were playing the game, but it was they who were being played. Starting with the first king, then the next, and the next - their hands that were holding the cards began to shrivel up and turn into bones. It reminded me of the movie "Indiana and the last crusade" where in the pursuit of the fountain of youth the antagonist turns to bones after choosing the wrong cup.


These "kings of the earth" have not chosen the cup of Christ but have chosen the cup of demons and in doing so have partnered with the spirit of death. When I woke up, I heard the Lord say that we are entering a time of the "Overplaying of the enemy’s hand," which coincides with the words God gave through Diana Larkin, Laire Lightner, and other prophets. He adds, "and we will see that play out as they begin to roll out their next phase of chaos and destruction. "Just as the blood of the lamb protected My people as the spirit of death swept over Egypt, so will My blood cover and protect My people in this hour!"


Nate added "This is not a moment to fear, but to apply the blood of the lamb over your families, regions, and nation so their plans come to nothing. Who knows, even these kings may bow to Jesus in their brokenness." And we know EVERY knee bows to King Jesus...Wait for it because THEIR day is coming soon.

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