President Trump Rally Sunday Mesa Arizona October 09 2022

President Trump speaks in Mesa, Arizona today at 6:00 pm EDT / 4:00 pm MT. The rally will stream live on Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) through their Rumble page:

Other ways to watch? Watch President Trump Save America speech on Rumble with this link We lift the man of God up in prayer.

Where to Watch President Trump Speech:

  • How can I watch President Trump speak at the Save America Rally today? Use the Rumble link:
  • Where is President Trump speaking? President Trump will hold a rally in Mesa, Arizona at the Legacy Sports Park.
  • When does President Trump speak? He is scheduled to speak today, Sunday, October 9, 2022, at 6:00 pm PDT / 4:00 pm EDT.
  • Who are the other speakers at President Trump's SAVE AMERICA Rally? President Trump will deliver remarks to support endorsed candidates and special guests include Kari Lake, Republican Nominee for Governor of Arizona, and Blake Masters, Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate in Arizona, along with Arizona's Trump supporters. Praise God for President Trump!


Legacy Sports Park, 6321 S. Ellsworth Road, Mesa, AZ 85212

Event Timeline:

  • 7:00 am: Parking Lots, Vendor Area, and Registration Open
  • 11:00 am: Doors Open 1:00 pm: Special Guest Speakers Deliver Remarks
  • 4:00 pm: President Trump Delivers His Remarks

    10/9/22 Feast of Tabernacles Sukkot 5783 10/9-10/16/22 Praise God for President Trump! God is in Control. And Watch What God Does. Situations are About to Change Soon, Suddenly.

    Praise God, Saints. I heard "Praise God for President Trump" overnight. It's a reminder to keep seeing the victory - and keep singing to God...and so shall it be! I also hear God saying "Tell them to move fast" as God is about to move. Father God is also saying in so many words that THEY [God's enemies, witches, demons] are NOT in control. God is. And God WILL make them repent and God WILL make them regret their path.

    We know that it's likely they will charge Hunter Biden soon. However, expect that it might be lesser charges as his father tries to protect him and cover up his crimes. While this devil WANTS God's people saying, "Not fair, not fair," THEY will be saying not fair soon when they see what God does.

    I heard the other day in the spirit realm that Hunter's father is going to have a major heart attack and we will "see the chaos on the streets." Through Julie Green, God also said that "we won't have to wait until 2024." While we don't know what all that means, let's stay in prayer, continue to repent before God, and keep coming out from among THEM, him, and her. Let God handle it and let God's plan play out.

    We serve a Just God who SEES their injustices and God is coming with His sudden judgment. He WILL protect His Children, so don't worry, worship. Rest in God. Pray for President Trump, Mike Pence, the GOP candidates, and their families, our fellow believers in Christ, and all our police officers and military. 

    Because God said repeatedly "Explosion on the news," that can mean explosive news. As God said yesterday, "Remember, God holds all the cards, not man" and "God will help with every bill." Praise God for President Trump. God WILL NOT FAIL!

    As a reminder, with God saying to move faster, Pastor Kent Christmas gave a Word, Prepare for the Next 90-days (Oct., Nov., Dec.):