President Trump Scotland Visit Next Week: Regardless of What THEY Say, Want, or Do...Play THROUGH Mr. President! April 26 2023

President Trump is expected to visit Scotland next week and spend time at Trump Turnberry, his golf resort in South Ayrshire.

With a stop scheduled in Ireland, the President is expected to arrive at Shannon Airport on May 3, and will stay at Trump International Hotel & Golf Links in Doonbeg in Co Clare.

President Trump visited Scotland back in July of 2018 and spent two days at Turnberry with Melania.

play through - (aka: "go th rough ") the term used to describe one group of golfers (or golfer) who passes another group on the golf course. Usually occurs because the group in front is slower and is holding up the group/individual behind. [>>>]


What's interesting is when the story aired, one site stated, "Amid court action and a potential presidential run, Donald Trump to visit Scotland next week - to play golf." Court action? Potential? And what's with the "- to play golf" reference? The insinuations keep coming! Apparently THEY fore-got that God's in charge, not man and not the fake news media.


God Will Show Us Proof

As God said repeatedly through Diana Larkin and through us that God's wrath and sudden judgment will come against the wicked. At a time when we reflect on the Pentecost season and consecrate ourselves before God, we praise God for President Trump and pray for the man of God. No witch or demon in hell can stop God's plans and...wait for it "every tongue that rises against thee in judgment, Thou shalt condemn."


Similar to David and how God defended him in battle, let God deal with President Trump's enemies. Play on, Mr. on.

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