President Trump speaks at Las Vegas rally Jan 27, tells crowd don't vote early, con job January 27 2024


Praise God for President Trump. I hear "You don't have to be afraid. God will show proof soon. Don't walk away."

President Trump will deliver remarks to a Team Trump Nevada Commit to Caucus Rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday, January 27, 2024, at 4:00 p.m. ET. with RSBN coverage starting at 2:30 p.m. ET.

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On the first day of early voting for Nevada’s presidential primary, President Trump told thousands of attendees in Las Vegas not to vote in the primary, but the Republucan Party's caucus.

The Nevada GOP is holding its contest on Feb. 8 separate from the Feb. 6 Presidential Preference Primary administered by state officials, and will use that to allocate delegates for the Republican presidential nominee for November. Trump is likely to take all 26 of the delegates after winning Iowa and New Hampshire.

Rebuke Those Joebidendemons. Our God WON'T FAIL 

“Don’t vote on Tuesday, Feb. 6, that’s two days earlier (than the caucus),” Trump told 2,000 attendees at the Big League Dreams sports park. “Don’t use the mail-in ballots. Don’t do anything. It’s a meaningless event. There are no delegates. It’s a con job.”

Interesting, this coincides with something I heard prophetically today, Keep praising God for Me and reminding them to walk away, come out from among those joebidendemons, and tell them to move faster. You have My good support.

Trump said voting early would only benefit Nikki Haley, and contended a primary win for her would amount to nothing but good PR. 

Gov. Joe Lombardo and Lt. Gov. Stavros Anthony, both Republicans, are voting for “None of these candidates,” in the primary, while others will only partake in the contest that benefits Trump.

The President spoke for over an hour with most of his remarks about immigration at the border and slamming obiden. 

CallIing the record surge in illegal aliens an “invasion”  he said he will close the border and signaled support for Gov. Greg Abbott who deployed the Texas National Guard to the border.

Republican governors from 25 states, including Nevada, issued statements supporting Abbott.

“Governor Lombardo and I are listening, and the things that we’ve been doing, that we’re trying to do here in the state of Nevada, is to try and make Nevada great again. It’s not enough to be done here in Nevada. It has to be done on the national level. We need to make America great again.” For Governor Abbott and our National Guard, it's like I hear God saying Call on Me if you need help.

Whose Running the Country?

While President Trump was in town, Kamala Harris was also at a rally instead of obiden.

Even with all the political buzz in Las Vegas, President Trump’s message was clear.

“If you want to save America, then get everyone you know to vote in the Nevada caucuses,” Trump said. But it's what God said that's going to save US, along with a reminder, Don't walk away.

They are going to be in a bad mood when they see what I do."

1/28/24 8:32 am Prepare for God's tornado.” At 2:23 pm There's going to be a big explosion on the news.

From 1/27/24 They are going to be in a bad mood when they see what God does.” I heard It's all their fault. No, it's not my fault.

I also heard I will help with the hospital bills. Keep calling on Me for what you need. Keep making God your source and keep coming out from among them. Meaning keep binding and releasing and trusting only in God to supply all that you need. Let them know you're doing a good job. You're about to see God's support and His favor soon. So much help is coming to you. Keep calling on God, holding onto Me, calling on Him for what you need."

1/26/24 1:33 pm "Keep fasting and praying before Me and coming out from among them. Come out from among those joebidendemons trying to use you. Trying to come against you, trying to scare you. Those are like terrorist tactics.” He said Keep saying whose report do you believe? Only believe God's good...My good report, you have My good support. And keep coming out from among them. Rebuke those joebidendemons. Rebuke those demons and that army and how they are trying to use you and how they are trying to come against you. Don't be terrorized by them or that report. He's saying whose report do you believe? Keep saying I only believe God. I only believe God's good report and I have His good support.