Our God Will Not Fail. It's Time to Get Excited! Praise God for President Trump! August 10 2023

The stone THEY tried to reject has become the cornerstone 

While conservative law professors state that President Trump cannot be president under a Constitutional provision barring those who engaged in an insurrection from holding office, they apparently overlooked the fake news media, hidden conspiracies, and Psalm 64.

The professors who are Federalist Society members include William Baude, University of Chicago and Michael Stokes, Paulsen of the University of St. Thomas. With detailed findings set for publication next year in The University of Pennsylvania Law Review, they failed to ask God for the truth.

"When we started out, neither of us was sure what the answer was. People were talking about this provision of the Constitution. We thought: ‘We’re constitutional scholars, and this is an important constitutional question. We ought to figure out what’s really going on here.’ And the more we dug into it, the more we realized that we had something to add," said Baude.

However, despite all the digging, God called President Donald J. Trump.


In a Charisma News article, the writer notes how seven is President Trump's number and significant in the Bible as it means completeness. President Trump was 70 years and 7 months old as he was inaugurated. With other dates confirming how God called him and ordained him, God calls President Trump a prophet, His David, and the man God chose.

As it stands, fake obiden actors are illegally illegitimately occupying. Are we left to assume the professors can't decipher several actors, bad acting, and not enough duct tape to mask a hidden coup to overtake our nation and sell it to the highest bidder?

Clearly Corn Pop does NOT resemble the real Joe Biden. Those Joebiden demons are pretending to be 46 and targeting Christians, but perhaps David knew, and when the world sees, they're really going to be in a really bad mood.

In the 64th chapter of Psalms, talk about reversals, Psalm 64:2 states "Hide me from the secret counsel of the wicked; from the insurrection of the workers of iniquity." Apparently David foresaw the DS. Cabal, GS, BG, and WEF, too.


Trying to blame President Trump for an event his enemies caused is a reminder that the wicked did the same to Jesus Christ. Pastor Mike Thompson from Las Vegas, Nevada confirmed that the wicked would use false accusations, character assassination attempts, and lies against President Trump,  and they did.

In addition, Dr. Francis Myles saw in the prophetic that the DS would set up a cabal attack against President Trump and blame him for shedding innocent blood. The results were obvious.

The fake news shifted to the Access Hollywood story to turn women against Trump. They used fake witnesses to call the President racist, and tried to tie him to the KKK. Tech, the fake news, and social media then expanded their smear campaign by targeting innocent police officers and blaming them for attacking blacks.

Similar moves were done to target the Jews before the Holocaust by setting a fire, blaming them, and initiating the Reichstag Fire Decree. 


Regardless of what a law review finds, how many indictments they ficticiously create, or stones they try to roll over the grave, God called President Donald J. Trump, God endorsed, him, and the wicked failed.

And we know all Saul's fall (on their own swords) and the Hamans will fall into their own trap/gallows. However, in this case, it's more like a one-way flight to GITMO. The ONLY crimes and penalties we will see will be the "abundant evidence" that the wicked, evil, and demonic have stacked against themselves like dominoes about to all quickly topple over.

The fake wars to launder trillions, the open border, illegal aliens to increase crime and sway votes, two-tiered justice, removing parental rights, record inflation, the energy crisis, the housing crisis, government corruption, mass shootings, shutdowns, bribes to China, record high interest rates, gas prices, and groceries, fake limits on the supply chain, spotted lantern spies and killer bee infestations, fake climate disasters, auto strikes, mutilating children, the fentanyl crisis, illegal aliens taking precedent over veterans who should have legitimate rights in this country, obiden corruption, overlooking hunter gun and drug charges, child sex trafficking, pedophilia on the highest levels in government, Hollywood, sports, and religious sectors, airborne pathogens, Maui and 9/11 fires that melted metals, an open border policy, trying to exterminate innocent people, HAARP and DEW attacks with sudden fires and severe weather to kill innocent people for sacrifices to Satan, abortionists and witches eating babies as sacrifices for the devil, and record violence in major cities so shady investors can buy up the real estate. No wonder President Trump is draining the swamp!


What's amazing is the professors didn't mention any of the aforementioned or Hunter's laptop, Biden bragging about firing the Ukraine prosecutor,  IRS whistleblowers, 20+ shell companies, bank records, millions from Romania, China, and Ukraine, FD-1023, R.L. Peters emails, or Devon Archer testimony. Maybe THESE professors need to get off Gilligan's island. If it's located anywhere near Maui, it might not be there for long unless they have a blue car or home that is suspiciously colored blue. 

Talk about a "a tour de force" and why God says don't walk away. 

But for the wicked who think they've gotten away with their crimes, I heard "That number's up" and "Wait and see what God does." 

Saints, we pray for you and your family. "Keep reading your Bible more," "Rebuke their personalities," and wait for God's truth, justice, and judgment. With God's wrath and sudden judgment coming, be certain He will leave no stone or black rock unturned, and those witches and demons will flee when they see what God does. Every. Knee. Bows.

Praise God for President Trump! 🇺🇸 Our God will not fail


A Message from Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States

The Left thinks that if they bury me with enough witch hunts and intimidate my family and associates that I’ll eventually throw up my hands and give up on our America First movement.

Let me be as clear as possible: I WILL NEVER STOP FIGHTING FOR YOU.

I walked away from a very nice life where the media never said a single mean thing about me.

I knew the price I’d have to pay for running a campaign that promised to take on the Deep State, the Open Borders Lobby, global special interests, and the Soros Money Machine.

And I don’t regret it even for a second!

We have a country to save. And I’m not giving up now – and I know you aren’t either.



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