Topless Judge Under Scrutiny in Trump Case? Watch What God Does for His David November 12 2023

Note: This is the draft we prepped for a Trump News blog message we were doing. They were trying to expose President Trump, but God is exposing THEM. While we recorded the audio portion, Father God started speaking about His plans and how He's covering US/His people, so we included what He said. POWERFUL times in the Lord...and a reminder we don't have to worry, so don't walk away. All glory to God! 

Top this one... While courtroom rhetoric and the fake news used terms like "unhinged" against President Trump, he shared a link on Truth Social from The Gateway Pundit. It showed what looked like an image of Judge Arthur Engoron at the gym and a separate image of a naked torso. Similar pictures of the 74-year-old judge were found in The Wheatley School Alumni Association "newsletter he controls." 

Judge Arthur Engoron (Getty Images)

During his testimony Monday, President Trump stated "You ruled against me, and you said I was a fraud. He called me a fraud, and he didn’t know anything about me." He’s the one who didn’t value the property correctly. How do you call a man a fraud who has a property that’s 50 to 100 times more … It’s a terrible thing you’ve done.” 

Engoron warned the President's attorney’s to "control your client", stating: "These people are not here to hear what he has to say." 

The civil fraud trial will continue after attorneys seek an early verdict to end the case. While the judge didn't rule, he stated that the trial will continue Monday with Donald Trump Jr. returning to the stand.

Trump’s lawyers want to clear the President halfway through Letitia James’ lawsuit, arguing the state failed to meet any legal standard to prove falsifying business records, conspiracy, and insurance fraud.

Despite James alleging that President Trump and other defendants duped insurers, banks, and others with inflated financial statements, Trump's attorneys are asking Engoron for a directed verdict. The judge, who’s had a history ruling against the President, signaled that he wants to see it through until its conclusion with closing arguments around Christmas.

Christopher Kise, the President's lawyer stated "There’s no victim. There’s no complainant. There’s no injury. All of that is established now by the evidence."

At this point in the message, I felt God's presence and all I heard was "Victory" for President Trump. "They will be shouting victory on the news when they see what I do." 

Kevin Wallace, state lawyer responded that the evidence is "more than sufficient to continue to final verdict." Kise asked Engoron to consider Trump's testimony over that of James' personal vendetta. "If my choices were Donald Trump or Attorney General James, respectfully, I would go with Donald Trump," and cited that the AG is pursuing a political opponent and trying to "substitute her judgment for that of the banks and, frankly, for that of someone who has been involved in the real estate industry for 50 years."

As God continues to expose the darkness, what a wonderful reminder that despite THEIR one-sided, bias, God's justice is coming, and so is martial law. 

In the word God gave yesterday when we posted the video Calm Down When You See What God Does, I heard, "Praise God for Donald Trump. We’re about to see a miracle soon and there’s going to be fighting on the streets when they see what I do. Calm down when you see what God does. It's GOOD NEWS for God's people. Rebuke their sudden wrath. It doesn't matter what they say or do. I hear explosion on the news. Tell them don’t walk away. Tell them calm down when you see what God does. Tell them it doesn’t matter what they’re seeing. I’m about to move through. This land belongs to God and they’re going to be shocked by what I do. Keep on believing on Me. They’re going to be shocked by what I do. They’re going to be screaming not fair when they see what I do by how My wrath and sudden judgment comes. Don’t worry, God’s people, as I surround you with My grace. But make the announcement soon. Shout it from the rooftops. My sudden judgment is coming. THEY are going to be saying 'not fair' when they see what God does. I’m coming to remove their foolish pride. I’m coming to remove every high-minded thing that tries to exalt itself. Only My finger is on the pulse, and I told them touch not mine anointed. They WILL LEAVE GOD’S PEOPLE ALONE because this is a losing battle for anything that tries to come against Me. God's Sudden Judgment is coming, and God’s muscle is coming in. Make sure they know that He heard every word." Praise God for President Trump!...and I heard "Suddenly!" "That sudden judgment's coming in." Stay tuned because ONLY God has the final say.

Clifford Robert, a defense lawyer, asked Engoron to dismiss claims against Eric and Donald Trump Jr., arguing that state lawyers failed to prove that they worked on the President’s financial statements.

"My clients have been dragged into what is essentially a fight between the attorney general and their father, but here we are. The time has come that we need to put an end to it."

Thursday's arguments came after Ivanka Trump testified as the state’s last witness. While directed verdict requests are common with civil trials, Engoron is deciding the outcome instead of a jury. But it's God who is our Judge and Jury.

Benny Johnson and Jesse Waters asked how is it that Engoron is overseeing the case that could potentially liquidate the Trump organization in New York? How is it that he gets to decide whether President Trump’s real estate empire lives or dies? Jesse stated he "has the power to unilaterally nuke the President’s business license because a racist prosecutor asked him to."

A news title about potentially massive ethics violations states Stefanik Hits Trump NY trial judge with formal complaint over ‘bizarre behavior’ and ‘bias.’

Elise wrote in X on November 11, "I just filed an official judicial complaint against Judge Arthur Engoron for his inappropriate bias and judicial intemperance in New York’s disgraceful lawsuit against President Donald J. Trump and the Trump Organization. Americans are sick and tired of the blatant corruption by radical leftist judges in NY. All New Yorkers must speak out against the dangerous weaponized lawfare against President Trump. Read my full complaint below."

In addition, PM has an article out entitled Wife of NY judge in civil fraud case against Trump has been attacking ex-president on social media. Ergonon’s wife was reported to have screenshots and memes online with images of President Trump arrested in an orange jumpsuit, and one showing the words ‘F@#% Trump.’   

It’s Ladies and Gentlemen Time…

Bennie stated that the judge said if a person says something he doesn’t like he’s going to overrule them in a summary judgment. But we wanted to add what Engoron said verbatim.

Jesse Waters shared "Every case against Trump collapses upon scrutiny. Remember, just like we found out the foreman in Georgia who was a ‘giggly wicken’… Just like we found out Alvin Bragg charged Trump with paying a woman to affect an election he’d already won… Just like we found Trump had documents locked in Mar-a-Lago while Biden had them strewed all across Chinatown…"

He added, "The fraud case, just as goofy. The judge said ‘Now I’m going to say something controversial even though I’m being taped. Juries get it wrong a lot. I’ve had situations where like oh, my…heaven sake. How could they have thought that? I have a tool that I can deal with that. I can say that there is no possible way that a reasonable jury would have reached that conclusion. Am I following the law or am I making the law? Okay. I’m following the law. I’m an impartial referee but it’s hard to factor out my own emotions and I have tools." At one point in the clip, he added "Yeah, I think we should have absolute immunity."

Judge Jeanine Pirro stated "As a judge there are certain standards you have to abide by. What made me crazy about this, in defending Letitia James’ prosecution of Donald Trump in a civil case, he said ‘He’s just a bad guy that she should go after.’ That by itself is enough for this judge to be removed from this case. Judge…you cannot sit on a case where you have a personal bias or a prejudice concerning a party." Jesse said Engoron hit Trump with a gag order because his clerk was in a photo with Chuck Schumer.

Benny shared a Breitbart headline Complaint Calls For Trump New York Trial judge’s clerk to be disbarred for excessive political donations. Engoron’s clerk, Allison Greenfield, appears to have violated judicial rules preventing officers of the court from making excessive political donations, Breitbart learned. It adds that he was advised in a 72-page complaint he received via email and it was filed with the New York State Bar THE SAME DAY he issued President Trump’s gag order and fined President Trump $15,000 for violating the gag order despite complaints piling up.

Another article states Justice Arthur Engoron Concealing Allison Greenfield’s Bias and Misconduct to conceal ongoing ethics violations by Greenfield. It adds that she had unethical partisan Democratic activities in Instagram posts which were screenshotted before her account was changed to private. She ran for office as a Democrat during the pendency of People v. Trump and canvassed, campaigned, and petitioned for Democrat candidates like Chuck Schumer and Jerry Nadler.

There is No Failure for David  

Recall that Saul stalked David relentlessly for no reason, or so it seemed. David, like President Trump, was being groomed for greater. In the Old Testament, the youngest of Jesse's sons, David was anointed to become king, but it was a 13-year battle with him on the run from Saul's attacks. And David had done nothing wrong. During that time, God was changing his character. David learned humility and restraint especially because he could NOT attack Saul, another of God's prophets.

As President Trump is also a prophet of God, we have heard God say through different prophetic messages that God is removing pride, and He said as a reminder the other day "Don't worry about him" referring to Our David.

Because God orders our steps and it's God who promotes, we can rest confidently in God and let Him handle it. I felt God's presence here as He said "Remember those troops and My storms are coming in. Have him prepare for every battle. Tell them cheer up when they see how that Trump news comes in. Tell them cheer up. They're going to be singing to Me soon, and tell them calm down when they see what God does. Even when those storms come in, remember I AM here. I AM removing stubborn pride. Keep surrounding them. Keep surrounding My people in this atmosphere. They had a negative...It's like they had that negative report that they were trying to get people to believe but My storms are coming in. Whose report do you believe? Keep telling them. They will have that help that they need. They will have My help FHP when they see My relief efforts coming in soon. Whose storm do you see on the horizon? I want you to rebuke those terrorist attacks. Rebuke that. Remind them keep surrounding Me. I AM a God of love. Let them know I'm going to's going to be shaking and quaking soon." 

Even when Saul cornered David who was on the run, he could NOT capture him because it wasn't in God's plan. In that pivotal moment, Saul found out that he was being attacked back at home, and how that parallels what we're seeing now. While THEY are trying to undermine our confidence because they THINK they can gag President Trump, one of their own, Thlaib, was censured. While THEY are trying to embarrass President Trump on the stand, the judge is now in the spotlight. 

Those that THINK President Trump is an easy target are about to find out that they are caught in their own traps in trying to illegally set him up, and it's God that's setting the traps. We pulled excerpts from 4 different messages God gave through Prophet Diana Larkin:

  • On November 12, 2023 in the It Won't Be Long Now post, God says "I have FORCED their hand so that they have NO OPTION but to LAUNCH the card they think will WIN them the game."
  • On September 23, 2023, in the Caught in a Trap message, God says, "I AM getting ready to SPRING My GIANT TRAP on the darkness...'We're CAUGHT, we're CAUGHT!' they will shriek!"
  • On August 2, 2023, in the Get Ready for a Huge Rescue Operation, God says  "I will SWALLOW UP their WHOLE GRAND SCHEME...See My REVEAL COMING and your FAITH will remain FIRMLY ANCHORED IN ME."
  • On July 27, 2023, God says "Their ARROGANCE has BLINDED them to the TRAP they have laid for My CHOSEN LEADER...They have walked into MY HUGE BEAR TRAP and EVERYTHING and MORE that they accused My chosen leader of will COME BACK on them with a VENGEANCE. All their accusations are things THEY HAVE DONE. SNAP goes the TRAP!  

Praise God for President Trump

God said that He's making them expose themselves in other messages and confirmed to me three years ago that "We'll all share a good laugh together when we see what God does." He made President Trump LOOK LIKE he was an innocent victim so they would fall for the bait and pounce on him, i.e., fall in the fall. However, recall that President Trump said on TRUTH SOCIAL about the gag order is "unconstitutional." Hence, it's like he's giving them their sentencing publicly.

As God said through Diana, they THINK they have President Trump and God's innocent people surrounded but THEY are actually the ones who are surrounded. God continues to say repeatedly and have us post "I tell you they're going to be in a bad mood when they see what I do."

In the coming days, watch and see what God does. Remember, He. Heard. EVERY. Word. And God shared through us and other pastors and prophets that we're going to see mass arrests on TV.

It Doesn't Matter What THEY SAY: ONLY God is in Charge and Situations are About to CHANGE FAST

At 18:18 minutes in I heard "And then suddenly, they're going to be storming on TV. It's going to be on the news." 

On Thursday, the President's lawyers asked to stop the trial until the appeals court decides on Engoron’s fraud finding citing that the judge showed a “gross and open disregard for the integrity of the process," causing “mounting irreparable harm" for the defendants.

The state rested Wednesday after six weeks of testimony and two dozen witnesses. James is seeking over $300 million and a ban preventing President Trump from doing business in New York.

It's interesting to note, as Kise pointed out, that Deutsche Bank made adjustments to the asset values for the President's financial statements, with “haircuts” to the Trump Tower estimates. They extended hundreds of millions of dollars to him despite the adjustments totaling about $2 billion in different years.

Kise also turned attention to Michael Cohen’s credibility after he shifted his initial testimony from the President directing him to boost the value of his assets to "whatever number Trump told us to."

Pressed about this during his cross-examination, Cohen stated that the President never told him to inflate the numbers despite saying that Trump signaled it indirectly, and "we understood what he wanted." Robert asked for an immediate directed verdict that Engoron denied.

As God prepares a table for us, let's confidently trust Him to do it. Our God is NOT playing. God's NEVER FAILED and... Details are EVERYTHING! I heard Him add "I know the plans I have for you." Praise God for President Trump. Remember, He heard EVERY word.