President Trump CNN Town Hall May 10, WHEN Will Lying News Come Clean? May 02 2023

President Trump will join a CNN presidential town hall next week scheduled for New Hampshire. According to CNN, the event is hosted by “CNN This Morning.” News anchor Kaitlin Collins will host the episode that will then air on May 10 at 8 pm ET.

The President will take questions from Republicans in New Hampshire and a few undeclared voters ahead of the 2024 GOP presidential primary. To view the event, stream it on the CNN network,, CNN OTT, their mobile apps, and CNNgo stations.

While the fake news media continues to target President Trump, the jabs are obvious as state he FAILED to win a second term against Joe Biden, was indicted in Manhattan for hush money payments to a porn star and is in a civil case over a sexual assault allegation. 

Apparently, the fake news media thinks rolling the stone over the grave, so to speak, will stop President Trump's resurrection. But He who sits in the Heavens laughs! God has been saying through the prophets that MORE evidence is coming and "we will have the proof." Even President Trump has said "We have the proof. We have all the proof we need."

The lying fake news media needs to be VERY afraid because heads are falling at the chopping block one by one...and apparently there are enough Hamans hanging in their own gallows to warrant DAILY flights to GITMO. We praise God for President Trump and as a reminder, it is written "NO WEAPONS formed against thee shall prosper and every tongue that riseth against thee in judgment Thou shalt condemn." It is written, "Touch NOT mine anointed nor do My prophets harm." It is written "There shall NO EVIL befall thee."

Will the Lying Fake News Media Abandon Ship or Go Down with the Titanic?

Given that the lying fake news media continues to overlook voter tampering, China payments, the fentanyl crisis, Hunter's laptop, the open border, secret bank accounts, child sex trafficking, a fake war, mysterious train derailments, fake spy balloons, strange flight cancellations, and strange weather occurrences mysteriously ONLY over Florida and in Red states (hmm...), the fake news media needs to schedule a BREAKING NEWS event and simply say "Lord, we repent" and stop slandering our innocent Christian president.

EVERYTHING hidden is brought to light and God's wrath and sudden judgment are coming. THEY cannot touch President Trump who holds God's mantle and is the Man of God. THEY cannot touch our police officers or our military. But THEY can repent and still receive eternal life through Jesus Christ while the offer is on the table.