Trump Arizona and Michigan Sweeping Wins, Despite Dems August 04 2022

If Tuesday is any indication, President Donald Trump is becoming the king of endorsements. Recent primary activity in Michigan and Arizona are showing the President knows how to pick winners.

Trump-backed Kari Lake won in Arizona, holding off Karin Robinson. She will face Katie Hobbs (D.), who has been Secretary of State since 2019.

In Michigan, Tudor Dixon won. She's the Republican gubernatorial candidate that will face off against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in November.

Dixon received the endorsement on Friday, and the boost secured her win over front-runners like broker Ryan Kelley, pastor Ralph Rebandt, Kevin Rinke, a businessman, and Garrett Soldano, a chiropractor.

Whitmer is seeking a second term as governor following a tumultuous few years filled with criticism over her handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which included a slow economic recovery for the state, a large loss of small businesses, and suffering school performance.

Tudor Dixon, Republican gubernatorial candidate for Michigan, speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, on Feb. 25, 2022.


Democrats were accused of meddling in the primary after running misleading ads attacking Dixon. Ads made her look like the candidate least favored for the general election.

‘The 800-pound gorilla’: Trump boosts endorsement record with Arizona and Michigan wins
Trump's endorsement record received a big boost with clean sweeps in Arizona as 11 out of 12 Trump endorsed candidates won primaries for state senate, secretary of state, Congress, US Senate. 


Aside from the Arizona landslide, Trump-backed candidates dominated in Kansas, Missouri, and Michigan. Noteworthy is one of the 10 Congressional members who voted to impeach the President the second time around saw a stunning defeated. 

Peter Meijer, who voted to impeach President Trump, lost to Trump-backed Michigan candidate John Gibbs.

“John Gibbs is a fabulous talent who loves the State, our Military, and our Vets. He will always protect our Second Amendment, our Southern Border, and the Police—there will be no defunding with John!” Trump said about Gibbs.

Meijer’s shocking loss comes directly after another highly disputed race. Democratic operatives strategically intervened on behalf of Gibbs with a financial ad-buy scheme. The goal was to present him as the less “conservative” choice.

Meijer in an op-ed this past Monday, described how the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee funded ads to prop up Gibbs, whom they probably deemed the easier adversary to beat in the election.

One DCCC $425,000 Gibbs ad framed him as “more conservative, which would likely appeal to Michigan residents fuming from Meijer’s anti-Trump activism. The move apparently backfired which is interesting given that Meijer had $2.9 million in total donations versus $444,000 with Gibbs. 

One ad stated, “John Gibbs is too conservative for west Michigan.” It also included language that Gibbs would continue with President Trump’s America First policy mantle, be “hard-line against immigrants at the border,” and support patriotic education.

Despite Meijer’s push to try and punish President Trump, the move, along with ad attacks against Dixon backfired. President Trump continues to demonstrate significant influence, and his momentum is not letting up.