Trump Nebraska Rally April 29 Keep Praying for President Trump: God Will Not Fail April 19 2022

President Trump has a rally scheduled in Nebraska on Friday, April 29 at 8 p.m. It will occur at the I-80 Speedway, which is in Greenwood, Nebraska, about 25-miles northeast of Lincoln. While parking opens up at 8 a.m., doors will open at 3 p.m. Speakers will take the stage starting at 5 p.m., while President Trump is scheduled to speak at 8 p.m.

Trump's latest speaking event comes at a time when the far left, fake news media and social media continue to slander the President. While discouraging news headlines are meant to target Trump supporters, God is saying just the opposite.

When Father God gave an Easter message on 4/13/22, He stated that good news is coming. God doesn't want us focusing on THEM or the fake news (spirit of offense). God wants us confidently resting in Him and singing to Him. Please keep President Trump and Mike Pence and their families and staff in prayer.

Especially as we're in the Passover season, we're reminded to keep singing to God like Jesus and the disciples did during Passover (the Last Supper). We NEVER go by what it LOOKS LIKE but what our God can do, and nothing is impossible with our God.    

Sharing a post that confirms God whirlwind is coming:

"I had just closed my bible to start watching this stream (see above). At 11:22, I laughed because I had read Exodus 15:22-27. Right after the Red Sea, before the miracles of manna or water from the rock, the people had no water for 3 days and came to Marah where the water was too bitter to drink. God showed Moses a log to throw into the water, and it became sweet. Also, Mike's revelation about the roots & the whirlwind reminds me of Isaiah 10, "laying an axe to the root". The roots of divination, sorcery & mediums (Isaiah 8) will be laid waste, and the branch from the root of Jesse (Christ Jesus) will rise and be permanently planted. "Do not call conspiracy what (those following mediums & spiritists) call conspiracy. Do not fear what they fear, do not be in dread." -Isaiah 8:12 Fear the Lord and Him only!"

The President's Birmingham visit during the American Freedom Tour has been canceled. Originally scheduled for June 18, the tour will occur in northern Mississippi. A secondary rally is scheduled for Mobile on July 9. 

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