Trump News: Tell Them They Don't Have to Worry. We Have the Victory! July 11 2022

7/10/22 Tell Them They [God's People] Don't Have to Worry

Those not serving God are trying to indict President Trump. But that's NOT what God is saying, so please do NOT worry. Fast, pray, and keep singing to God. And, please pray for President Trump and the election. Let God handle the enemy. (See the Message from God below: VERY good news about President Trump and for US!). Fasten your seatbelts!

At 1:02 pm I heard "Let them know I Am not playing."

About the opening video for today

In a Fox 26 news interview, Marcus Davis said "There was a coup attempt in our country people. Wake up." But I'm wondering if he only took his information from watching the nightly news.

The Bible teaches us to seek the Lord while He may be found. It says to NOT trust in man, lean NOT on our own understanding, and that we should ask God for His truth. But people are judging President Trump based on heresy. Actually, THEY are judging based on false narratives from the demonic, i.e., the false prophets in the news media. God is saying "It doesn't matter" and "THEY'RE going to surprised when they see what God does."

Iceberg Straight Ahead! Wait UNTIL God Cross Examines THEM!

In President Trump's Alaska speech, he said "These are the same folks that gave you impeachment hoax #1, impeachment hoax #2, and the Mueller bulls***." And I heard the Holy Spirit or God say to use that quote. When I added it, I understood why.

In the Bible, David escaped Saul around 11 times. Jesus escaped the crowds several times. However, Paul, Joseph, and Jesus were imprisoned as part of God's plan. So, God can use whoever He wants to achieve His purpose.

At 4:37 pm I heard "Make sure you tell them don't look back," "Tell them it's not his fault" and "Don't walk away." 

A Kiss, A Touch, A False Witness...Thank Your Enemies for Elevation

"Whatever harm she meant DIDN'T COME TO ME, it went to her instead," Kassandra

Earlier today, Pastor Joel Osteen had a message on (see above). In it he said "Stop resisting and start resting. God doesn't need our help. Don't resist anymore. Let Him be God. You can't reach your destiny without a Judas kiss." He gave reminders of Nebuchadnezzar throwing the three boys in the fire, Potiphar's wife betraying Joseph, and Pharoah holding the Children of Israel captive. What wonderful reminders that God is ordering our steps! God NEVER leaves us nor forsakes us. HE DELIVERS US AND HE'S RIGHT ON TIME! That message is also confirmation that NOTHING happens without God's permission. And that's what happened to me.

I wrote several times about a coworker that didn't like me. One Friday night we ran into each other at the train station and when she saw me, instead of just saying hi, she hit me on the top of my shoulder with a slight push, like she wanted to push me down. We were near the escalator steps, and I don't know WHAT she was thinking but God knew! I say this humbly. On the way home I kept thinking about how she touched my arm. I prayed and said "Lord, I don't know what she THOUGHT she was doing but NO weapons formed against me shall prosper." And then I saw God work. That girl didn't come back to work. She went into labor early and had to stay in bed. She was eventually let go. So, whatever harm she meant DIDN'T COME TO ME, it went to her instead. Her husband was fired, and they REALLY suffered for several months where they were both debilitated. God says TOUCH NOT mine anointed, so we don't have to worry about THEM. We can rest in God and let Him work.

King Cyrus and Who God Chooses

If you think about President Trump, he's 'getting hit,' too, so to speak. Hit with enemies trying to uprise against him. Hit with scandal as false prophets repeat his past mistakes when God says to JUDGE NOT. Hit with other betrayals as the news media, social media, tech, and Ephesians 6:12 demons try to block his future progress. Hit with false accusations and character assassination attempts. President Trump is a leader who helped Christians and Jews. Hence, he's sometimes compared to Cyrus in Isaiah 45. 

Isaiah prophesied at one point that God bring judgment and discipline against Israel for sin (idolatries) and that they would be sent into captivity. However, Isaiah included a special promise. He stated that God would restore them to their land and that Jerusalem would be rebuilt. What a coincidence that blacks who were enslaved for 400 years may not even realize they, too, like us, are from the Tribe of Israel. And what a reminder that God IS going to restore us all when He moves and reunites us. Such wonderful news! THEIR agenda is to divide us, i.e., good/light versus evil/darkness, but God will unite us so don't walk away especially as God uses President Trump!  

Another crucial point about Isaiah’s words is he mentions Cyrus's name, almost 150 years before Cyrus reigned. Now Cyrus wasn't a follower of God, but God USED HIM to help His people. Hence, God can USE anyone He wants and THEY can't stop President Trump and THEY can't stop God. THEY don't have authority. And THEY will run and flee when God moves because God has been saying that Trump news is coming soon. THEY also need to repent for all their sexual sin, witchcraft, all their evil and demonic, how they've ignored the poor, and for overturning abortion laws. 

 "See, I Told You There's Nothing to Worry About." 

In Pastor Osteen's message, he gave the example of a ship in a storm. Instead of fighting the winds, the captain and crew took down the sails and let the ship go where it wanted to and saved all on board. And we have to do the same thing.

By releasing control, God can work. He won't take us where He can't sustain us. Trust Him today and know that He's in control of our nation, the economy, and everything TRYING to come against us. When God's winds move, it's His enemies that have to worry, not us, so believe for God's miracle. God's sudden judgment is coming and all we need to do is batten down the hatches, i.e., keep singing to God, keep reading our Bibles MORE, and keep getting to bed early, getting up early and praising God and fasting and praying to Him. Keep rebuking the enemy and binding and releasing. And this last part is a crucial step.

Wait and See

When God gave the message yesterday at 11:06 am He said "See, I told you there's nothing to worry about." Hebrews 11:6 "But without faith it is impossible to please Him." Whatever it is God's about to do, i.e., that quaking that's starting soon, we don't have to worry. When He spoke through Donna Rigney, she mentioned how His fear, fire, anger, and wrath were coming against the enemy but AT THE SAME TIME, God's glory would come to help us! What a MIGHTY move of God that will be when He moves. So, please don't go by what you SEE or what it LOOKS LIKE on TV or on the news.

The fake news is NOT God. They are only trying to strike fear and create distractions and panic. Matthew 24:24 states "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." We are seeing demons working behind the scenes in people trying to stop God, but THEY cannot stop God who CREATED ALL THINGS (both good and evil, Isaiah 45:7). THEY just don't know it yet. Spoiler alert! 

Regardless of what you see or what THEY say, it's "Iceberg straight ahead!" And, that iceberg reference is significant. Remember, those that built the Titanic thought it was unstoppable. And we're seeing demons and witches ON THE HIGHEST LEVEL who think they're unstoppable, too. But God stopped Sodom and Gomorrah. He stopped the evil and sexual sin in Noah's time. He stopped the Tower of Babel by bringing it down and causing confusion. He stopped the Jericho wall and brought it down. And He stopped Jezebel, Baal, Haman, and all those demons and witches. THEY just don't know it yet. We've ALREADY got the victory and NO DEVIL IN HELL can stop our God from helping us, restoring us, or bringing global revival. Keep reading your Bible and watch and see what OUR God does.

Message From God About President Donald J. Trump from 5/27 REMEMBER, WE HAVE THE VICTORY! 

Father God said "Keep saying they will see good news soon. Let them know they will see good news soon. There will be cheering and laughter in the streets when they see what I do. Keep singing to Me. Keep being obedient to Me. Praise God for My good report. Let them know they will see help with Donald Trump soon. Donald J. Trump. Let them know surprises are in store. Surprise victories that they might not be aware of. They will see so much in June. Tell them it's before Me. Tell them I am the God who will not fail. I will not fail. I am the God of My promises. Keep calling on Me and trusting in Me for what you need. I want you to get excited. Tell them so many surprises are in store. Make up your mind about Him. Let them know they will see My judgment soon. They will see victory soon. They will see help soon. They might have to declare martial law when they see what I do. Keep calling on Me. My sudden judgment is coming soon. Keep singing to Me about Donald Trump. Keep being obedient to Me about Him. Many surprises are in store. Keep singing to Me. Keep calling on Me for him. Many don't see it yet but in trying to come against him and in trying to come against you, they're going to receive My wrath. They're going to receive a bad report. Let them know I am not playing. Let them know I am the God who is not playing. Keep telling them to prepare for Me because My sudden judgment is coming. Wait and see how I use Donald J. Trump. Wait and see how I restore him, how they have what they need."