Trump, Truth, and J.D. Vance: Pray for J.D. Vance, and Don't Walk Away September 19 2022

Regardless of what you hear about J.D. Vance, know that God is using this Mighty Man of God, so don't walk away... but DO keep rebuking THEM.

In the middle of updating our message on President Trump's rally, I heard God say today, "Say more about J.D. Vance." I thought "Uh, oh" as I'd heard that from the Lord before. Sure enough when I searched for news on J.D. Vance, there were disparaging comments against him.

It's worth noting that whenever someone stands up for God or supports President Trump, the fake news media, (false prophets) starts making them a target and are quick to lash out with false accusations against them faster than the last man standing in a heated game of dodge ball.

Consider how the fake news came against Herschel Walker and Dr. Oz. Look at how the radical left news media makes up horrible stories about President Trump who stands for Christian values. The lying MSM with their false doctrines and shared negative rhetoric is also timely when it comes to bringing up past transgressions for which God has already extended forgiveness. But strangely, THEY never see any illegal wrongdoing with Biden or his son Hunter.

Character assassination attempts from the left and the transgressions they point out from Trump-endorsed candidates are proof THEY have hidden agendas and want to block Christians and try to stop God. And yet, THEY cannot stop our God. Inject laughter here as He who sits in the Heavens laughs, and so do we.

U.S. Senate Republican Ohio candidate, J.D. Vance is receiving all kinds of criticism from the left and from Hollywood, of all places, which is accusing him of being out-of-touch. But THEY also accused David and Jesus, reminders that there is nothing new under the sun.

James Donald Vance was born in Middletown, Ohio on August 2, 1984. The American venture capitalist and author of the bestselling Hillbilly Elegy is unafraid of adversity, and not backing down from the likes of other government officials, Hollywood, or the fake news. God said through His message that Pastor Kent Christmas gave that the level of adversity some are experiencing is to help them show others that they, too, can overcome.

Years ago, in a One Nation interview Vance said "That's sort of the implication is that those of us who actually do buy books and read out here in the heartland are somehow not representative. I think that's ridiculous. I know a lot of people, a lot of friends and family who do like to read books, including mine. So, look, it's a classic example of Hollywood getting involved in politics." 

Vance, like other strong Christian candidates who respect family values, is coming under severe fire. Sharp-witted and quick, he is not afraid to point out that Tim Ryan is bending the knee to Biden. He also recognizes that Ryan's "MAGA Republican" comments are contributing to the division in America. 

"This is why the Oscars have all-time low ratings. This is why people have tuned out the politics of Hollywood. They're there for entertainment, and I think when they do it well, great, but at the end of the day, they should leave politics to the people who actually vote and try to run in elections in this country," Vance added. 

What Vance is referring to is the number of Hollywood celebs that lend their voices to support causes that don't represent God's agenda. So many stars are knowingly and unknowingly choosing to follow the devil's wicked agendas.

THEY back pro-abortion rights like Lady Gaga, and then quickly run in the other direction when God sends His wrathful lightning down during a Miami concert. THEY make fun of President Trump like Alec Baldwin and then cry when God lets that fireball of slanderous attacks, they spewed forth, return back to them. But this is not meant to judge as we forgive THEM and pray that THEY repent.

As I was out one day talking to two men about the coming rapture, one acknowledged that what we're seeing is the apostasy, or the coming away and abandonment from religious beliefs. However, God is making it LOOK LIKE the wicked leaders currently occupying can transition the nation over to total darkness and by intentionally letting it fester, God can then extinguish the dragon and his flames.

Jewish Jesus host, Rabbi Schneider stated, God is LETTING the dragon come in the form of the antichrist so He can remove it. We can also confirm this word as God said through us that people should keep coming out from among Biden because many can't see the witchcraft there. God said He will let the dragon in Biden turn on itself. Because there are so many who still can't see the hidden and wicked agendas, God continues to have us ask "Are you sure?"

In God having people question where they stand with Him, it brings up a few challenging thoughts and why God says don't walk away. How can black churches, for example, stand with an administration seductively promoting black pride when God says no flesh can stand before Him. How can they allow movies that promote black hate and not challenge Hollywood.

Movies like the Aretha Franklin biopic include references like "Peaceful demonstrations never worked" while movies like Tyler Perry's Homecoming include lines like "Set this --- on fire" and "Defund the police." As these movies feature black pastors, the concern is that they cannot see Biden's wicked agenda to first make it look like he's promoting them by turning them against whites, and then selling them to the highest bidder once there's so much sexual sin and pride running rampant that God can't work.

As God asks, "Are you sure?" people can't see the record crime in inner cities meant to drive out homeowners and drive down home prices so countries like China can buy the land. And yet, God spoke through Pastor Kent Christmas on September 14 ---- about how God is stopping their wicked agendas.

How can churches, in general, stand on the same side as pro-abortionists and the LGBTQ communities. Since we are under free-will, God letting the devil play his hand can help Dems on the left clearly see that they are on the wrong side. This is not about left versus right but good/light versus evil/darkness. God said through that Kent Christmas message that He intentionally delayed to show their hidden agendas and witchcraft behind the masks. That way his people can come out from among them, from among him, and her, as these represent Jezebel, python, and leviathan spirits, and the mark of the beast. 

Because God's sudden judgment is coming, God's plan (already in play) is a wonderful reminder that EVERY knee bows, so don't walk away. Our greatest days are ahead of us. THEY will also see that their attempts to try and rise up against President Trump, J.D. Vance, Doug Mastriano, and others serving God are futile as their "arms are too short to box with God," so to speak. Indeed, THEY don't see that their battle is with God, and they've ALREADY lost.


JD Vance: Jennifer Lawrence is a 'Hollywood liberal' criticizing a Republican Senate candidate


God said "Give J.D. Vance a chance because he stands for God and Godly values" and Vance is surging in the polls. The junior senator is quickly becoming a household name. Likely to be the most prominent member of the chamber, the Christian, who converted from Catholicism is on fire for God and godly values

Josh Strahan, a Lipscomb University professor calls it the “orthocardia” which means having a right heart. Combining both orthodoxy (right belief) and orthopraxy (right practice), more of our Trump-endorsed candidates display this value and are standing up not just for President Trump but for Godly agendas to bring our nation back into the light and toward a more moral climate without sexual sin and violence at every turn.

As we seek to imitate Jesus Christ, we're coming under fire because our mission doesn't line up with THEIR agendas which now promote sexual immorality. The fullness of a Christian life is standing in the face of adversity and letting the Holy Spirit lead. Faced with opposition on all sides, we're reminded that ONLY God has the final say regardless of what THEY say or do. God has repeatedly said "It doesn't matter" as ultimately, He who sits in the Heavens laughs. God, who created all things including good and evil (Isaiah 45:7), knows the devil is under our feet and subject to us. And as God holds the Trump card, even the demons believe—and shudder because THEY know all power belongs to God.

Scripture is proving yet again that it is profoundly sobering. Take the apostle Paul. He once said “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing.”

The Left has a hidden agenda that God is exposing. It uses tricky wording like "Love is love" but anything without God and Jesus Christ is witchcraft. Using wording after the 2020 election to say "The people's voice won" was another example of misleading text and a reminder that "There is a way which seemeth right to a man but the end thereof are the ways of death. What we're seeing with this administration is Ephesians 6:12 demons promoting the devil's agenda while pretending the Kool-Aid isn't tainted. As Jesus said, “The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”

And God is working and speaking through President Trump-endorsed candidates.

Vance's campaign, by far, is one of the most-watched Senate races, along with Doug Mastriano. It's because these young Christian men are ambassadors for Jesus Christ and refuse to back down. Vance, a Yale Law School graduate, might have started with a “dirt-poor” Appalachian beginning, but what a touching reminder to not despise the days of small beginnings and to not walk away from what God does. The former marine who served in Iraq, has a military background like Mastriano, a retired colonel. These soldiers in God's army are not backing down from the forces of darkness. They're helping to spearhead the changes to remove them.

J.D. was raised Christian, was baptized and became Catholic in 2019, and at one point, went through an angry atheism phase before returning to his Christian roots. “I had come from a world that wasn’t super-intellectual about the Christian faith. I spend a lot of my time these days among a lot of intellectual people who aren’t Christian. I also went through an angry atheist phase.” Vance said. And it could explain why God is calling on this young man who is not intimidated or afraid of THEM, or their voices.

The real crisis in America is if you oppose abortion or same-sex marriage, you are now labeled by this administration as an enemy of the state, instead of a follower of God and Jesus Christ. It's so obvious that THIS devil's hidden agenda is targeting Christians like Vance and President Trump. From economics to race relations, we must continue to stand despite THEIR adversity.  There's a reason we don't have an Ephesians 6:11-18 scripture about covering our backs. It's because the enemy doesn't see us running away. We remain standing and if anything, like David, Vance, and President Trump, run to meet the enemy because we come in the name of the Lord and our God is greater than THEIR hatred. 

The real crisis here is not fighting back fire with fire (flesh, i.e., carnal weapons, what the devil wants) but standing on God's truth and letting God fight and defend us with His spirit. We show love when the enemy is showing hate and in doing so, we mirror God, our Father. But a concern is the number of people who hate God, Trump, our police officers, military, and nation. THEY don't realize in not siding with God, they have already taken a side that is ungodly and, ultimately, on the devil's team.

Let's pray that in the coming days as God lets the dragon go on display MORE that people can recognize this, repent, and come out from among them. We have a loving Father who wants all His prodigal's home and God does not want that any should perish. As God explains several times in Isaiah, He merely wants them to repent before His sudden judgment comes as God forgives and sees the sin no longer. And God is truly our shelter from the storm.   

As Vance increases his lead over Ryan (D-OH), more momentum is coming to the Trump-backed candidate two months before Election Day in November. Vance summed it up best himself.

“I’m a Christian, and a conservative, and a Republican, so I have definite views about what that means. But you have to be humble and realize that politics are essentially a temporal game.” And ultimately, God wins as He guides the race this November, a touching reminder that God said "We will remove our enemies together." And as we continue to bind/release, we don't walk away from that. 

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