Trump Lifts East Palestine, Biden Falls, God Covers Residents LEFT Neglected February 22 2023

Nearly 3 weeks after a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, with minimal action from the Biden administration, President Donald Trump visited the area affected by the toxic chemical spill. 

President Trump's first stop was Little Beaver Creek before heading to a fire station near the derailment site. The trip comes as Trump, other Republicans, and many in our nation express concerns over the Biden administration’s handling of the Feb. 3 derailment, which led to evacuations and fears of contaminated drinking water.

In his trademark “Make America Great Again” cap, President Trump said East Palestine needs “answers and results,” not excuses. With three dozen freight cars — including 11 with hazardous materials — derailing near the Pennsylvania state line. “In too many cases, your goodness and perseverance were met with indifference and betrayal," Trump said. 

At a time when the crash sent a massive black cloud of toxic smoke over neighborhoods and businesses, the Biden administration gaslighted the event by focusing on balloons as retired military expressed that the white balloons were not from China or flying high enough to come from that region.

Standing alongside Senator J.D. Vance, (R-Ohio), and other Republicans at a local fire station, the President said "They were intending to do absolutely nothing for you. They changed their tune. It was an amazing phenomenon."

Trump’s visit couldn't come soon enough given the health and environmental effects impacted by fears on local homeowners and businesses. In a statement on Wednesday, President Trump donated several thousand gallons of cleaning supplies and bottled water.

While many took to social media to express concerns for the area, several criticized Biden for not visiting the village but instead choosing to visit what looked like a staged Ukraine press event. Fake news media outlets stated that Biden was in Ukraine in a last-minute meeting and yet the British press were at the briefing which was pointed out by retired military and country music singer Derek Johnson from 1776 Nation.

Strangely, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has also not visited East Palestine since the derailment, but after President Trump announced he would tour the area stated he would arrive on Thursday. 

East Palestine has a population of 4,700 residents in the tri-county Mahoning Valley region of eastern Ohio. Located near the Pennsylvania state line in Columbiana County, it's a quaint Republican town. And the concern is if the delay ins sending resources and FEMA aid was intentional as these did not represent people the Biden administration favored.

Given that Biden quickly made a photo-op of his embrace with Ukraine's Zelensky, as a show of his solidarity and priorities, it sends a powerful message to the Right and those that vote for and support President Trump. The Left is continuing to promote their own agendas regardless of how many people - and lives are affected. 

But what really stinks here is the Biden Administration's disregard. While three out of 20 hazardous materials cars on this train had flammable liquids, what's startling is the narcissistic abuse residents were forced to endure and yet God sees.

In this week's Facebook messages from Diana Blackburn Larkin (see above and below), God said "The darkness has GATHERED TOGETHER with all their EVIL SCHEMES into a DARK HIDEOUT where they think they are SAFE from EXPOSURE and in a position to LAUNCH all their DEADLY ATTACKS. As they look at each other in this dark place, they are SMIRKING in TRIUMPH over you and LAUGHING at your perceived WEAKNESS and HELPLESSNESS. In their ARROGANCE, they did not notice that I turned their SAFE PLACE into a HUGE FURNACE. "They will suddenly realize they are trapped when they hear the big kaboom of the furnace door shutting - right after I throw in my lit match. It will crash in upon them that they are the WEAK and HELPLESS ones."

Hence, as the Biden Administration treats Trump supporters like discarded things they can throw away, let's remember that God loves East Palestine, Ohio and its residents, which is quite apparent in the statement God made when He asked us to say "Regardless of what you see, keep saying God is covering me. God is covering my family." because indeed, we stand strong as ONE NATION UNDER GOD, not man, or baal (witchcraft, wickedness, the demonic), so don't walk away.


The King is in the Fields

As we start Lent, the month of Adar (strength, 5783), and the High Holy Days, President Trump's touching visit is a reminder of Elul. A time when the King is in the Fields, God makes Himself available to His people, so please don't focus on the horrible offenses that THEY are trying to cause because it's an obvious tactic. When the spirit of offense occurs, bitterness anger, unforgiveness, and aggression can set in.

As Jesus taught us in the book of Mark, in order to receive answers to our prayers, we must forgive if we have ought against any (Mark 11:22-26).  And because God's people are praying for President Trump's reinstatement to put God back on the Throne, it's quite clear why Trump supporters are being penalized. And yet, we call on God to defend us in battle. We ask for God's truth, justice, judgment to come.

God has said repeatedly that His wrath and sudden judgment are coming. Hence, it's only a matter of time before God judges the wicked, so let's continue to repent as we all need to repent before God now and ask for His help and mercy as He comes to restore us and reinstate President Trump. 

Hope Regardless of the Distractions

Residents expressed hope that Trump was viewing the area which lost steel and automotive jobs back in the 1970s. One resident, Joy Mascher, who owns Flowers Straight from the Heart said “I don’t think enough has been addressed by the railroad, by the state or the federal government. If this would have happened somewhere else, things would have gone a lot different, I feel. I mean, at least he’s bringing attention. I haven’t heard anything from Biden.”

While three weeks have passed with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg a no-show, he stated he would visit the area tomorrow after criticism for not visiting sooner. While it's reported he is asking Congress to raise the $225,455 safety fine limit tenfold, the response and timeframe are not enough considering this was a “high hazardous flammable train.”

Almost three weeks after the derailment, the chemical smell is starting to dissipate but residents can still smell the noxious odor in their homes. 

Excavators are gathering charred chunks from the rail cars and storing them offsite along with contaminated water which would be stored in “tank farms” before being taken to hazardous waste sites.


Headaches, Irritated Eyes

After the derailment, residents reported headaches, irritated eyes, and other ailments. Thousands of fish are dead, the water has a strange film over it, and residents are finding sick and dying pets and wildlife. They are also voicing frustrations over vague information about the long-term effects from the disaster.

The gas that spilled and burned after the derailment is called vinyl chloride. As a chemical used to make hard plastics, it increases the risk of certain cancers. Despite environmental officials saying they tested 400 homes for toxins, residents are reluctant to believe that the area is safe.

Michael Regan, EPA Administrator visited last week to reassure residents that the air and water are safe. "I’m asking they trust the government. I know that’s hard. We know there’s a lack of trust." Officials are “testing for everything that was on that train.” But that in and of itself is not enough.

Trying to Place the Blame on Trump

As the Biden administration tries to point the blame on President Trump stating that he repealed an Obama-era Department of Transportation rule requiring “high-hazard” cargo trains to be equipped with highly sophisticated, electronically controlled brakes, many can see the gaslighting and obvious finger-pointing to yet again, blame President Trump, which is not working.

Carolyn Thomas who is a Trump supporter said “I am happy that a politician who has been a president cares about the people so much that he is making an effort to show up. It shouldn’t even be a Republican or Democratic thing. It’s an American thing.”

What we do know is that God saw this coming as He said a few weeks ago "Regardless of what you see, keep saying 'God is covering me. God is covering my family.'" Because indeed, God's hand was and is protecting East Palestine.

And as if a precursor or sign of what's to come, the train derailment wasn't the only news the MSM was forced to tell the truth about. The fake oBiden actor tripped up the steps of his plane leaving Poland. 

President Trump won nearly 72% of the vote in 2020 elections. And at one car dealership, a Trump photo reads “A Hero Will Rise,” while flags and signs support President Trump. And indeed, THEY will... Because it's not just President Trump that's being reinstated, God is coming to help us, too.

Father God said recently "THEY can cause panic in the street and people being evacuated, but they cannot stop God from moving in to help His people." Believe the possibilities! And we praise God for President Trump as I hear God saying, "Let them know they will receive help soon."