Trump's Very Big Announcement as God Exposes the Wicked and Their Not-So-Good, Terrible Day December 26 2022

Trump's Very Big Announcement as God Exposes the Wicked and Their Not-So-Good, Terrible Day

President Trump stated that with his federal funding cuts, he will ban federal money from being used to label speech as disinformation or misinformation. He added that he would fire federal officials engaged in “domestic censorship,” and will punish universities for “censorship activities.”

In a Truth Social video, the President mentioned his proposed unilateral executive orders and legislation. As part of policy announcement videos for his campaign, his aides and advisers are working on the infrastructure for 2024. While the fake news media continues to focus on lawsuits and dinner with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes, they clearly don't want to acknowledge that Elon Musk is exposing government officials and fake news media outlets.

President Trump is expected to start campaigning early in the new year and unveiling his new website, a free speech platform, as early as next week.

As many have objected to how social media companies moderate their content and attacked conservatives, new Twitter CEO, Elon Musk, continues to release damaging evidence against the biased and radical left. Fighting hard to suppress the truth, Musk is finding all kinds of payment trails to block free speech and censor the truth to help promote the left's agenda.  

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In a statement about the Twitter files, the President said that within hours of taking office, he will “sign an executive order banning any federal department or agency from colluding with any organization, business or person, to censor, limit, categorize or impede the lawful speech of American citizens.” Additionally, he is promising a DOJ censorship investigation and is requesting republicans send preservation letters to Biden's administration and asking that “every Silicon Valley tech giant” not be allowed to destroy evidence of censorship.”

He went on to add that intelligence and federal officials should be forced to wait approximately seven years before working for certain tech companies as a way to “confront the problems of major platforms being infiltrated by legions of former deep staters and intelligence officials.” He included barring nonprofits and academic programs that censor speech should not receive federal funding. Certain universities are engaging in activities like flagging content for removal and should lose their access to any federal research money and also to federal student loan support for five years or longer.

With a push to revise Section 230, (legal protection to tech companies to moderate content on their platforms) the President said, “Digital platforms should only qualify for immunity protection under Section 230 if they meet high standards of neutrality, transparency, fairness and nondiscrimination.”

He added that Congress should pass a bill for digital rights that forces government officials to get a court order before it can remove online content and must also inform users if the content in question is restricted or removed. As it currently stands, social media companies are censoring based on their community standards which is suppressing free speech in favor of their opinions.

Interestingly, the fake news is likely expressing concerns along with tech, social media giants, and other officials as they await the "other shoe to drop."

President Trump launched a new line of NFTs and the “digital trading cards” did not sit well with others. Because the President said he had a special news announcement, many anticipate that he's found more evidence about collusion, corruption, and treason. But why spoil all the fun. Trust God's timing and let God's plan play out in time.

In the meantime, the President's NFTs, announced on Truth Social, are non-fungible tokens like a digital baseball card that sell for $99 each. And since we're starting a new ballgame, it's clear the President knows how to play ball, and with God on His side, it's no wonder he's sporting a superhero costume with a giant “T”. Albeit in this case, it stands for truth as God's truth is coming. No wonder God is saying through His prophets, “Don't walk away.” 

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