Truth Social: The Red Sea is Parting and God's Wrath is Coming February 22 2022

President Donald Trump waved to crowds outside his Palm Beach golf club today as Dan Scavino, his social media director tweeted, 'Happening now outside of Trump International Golf Club in the GREAT state of FLORIDA! AWESOME!! Happy President’s Day.' One onlooker was overheard saying "We can't wait until you're back in office."

Trump's return to social media is taking a national spotlight as TRUTH Social should be 'fully operational' by the end of March. That's according to Devin Nunes, CEO for TMTG. 

'It's actually very moving for me to see people that are on [Truth Social] that have had their voice canceled,' Nunes said. 

With Truth branded as a First Amendment social media platform that won't censor voices because they don't disagree, it resonates with many who were booted, banned or received strikes on social media.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, for example, cannot use her personal Twitter account but tweeted from the Congressional handle that she's already signed up with Truth Social. Twitter kicked her off the site in January after saying she posted misinformation about Covid vaccines. But what's really concerning is that social media, tech, and the news media share the same dialog and narratives against President Trump.

To see the nation that one-sided and biased is alarming especially when God has said that He's coming to remove stubborn pride and that the mark of the beast and false prophets are there, but many can't see it yet. 

Before he received a Twitter ban, President Trump had close to 90 million followers on the platform. What's more, it's estimated that the prophets have said the votes for President Trump in the 2020 election were more like 90 to 100 million instead of the numbers the fake news media want people to believe. Because Trump holds God's mantle, it will be interesting to see how God restores our great nation.

What's most concerning here is the censuring.

God's Judgment is Coming

As man has tried to use witchcraft and the demonic to block God's voice through His prophets, God has already sent warnings that He is coming with his wrath, fear, fire, and judgment against His enemies.

God hears the voices of His people. He hears His children crying out to Him and asking God for mercy, His justice, judgment and truth. And Trump's TRUTH is paving a new path not just for political voices but God's people to freely speak. 


As Nunes said, "We want (customers) to tell us what they would like to have on the platform, which is the opposite of some Silicon Valley tech oligarch freak telling people what they want to think and deciding who can or cannot be on the platform. I mean, we're really taking just the opposite approach, which is valuing our customers."

Part of what Nunes might be referring to is Dorsey's stance on removing Trump from Twitter while other leaders were allowed to stay on the platform. There are also people on the platform that make threats. However, President Trump never threatened anyone. He is, however, the Christian president, and this goes back to Dr. Francis Myles 2019 interview on the Jim Bakker Show about witchcraft and the demonic on the highest levels working witchcraft against the president to make him a scapegoat. They wanted to blame him (and innocent police officers) for shedding innocent blood. Hence, we're now waiting on God to move. God said He would make an announcement soon and that when God moves, the witches and demons will flee.

Truth Social is not just valuing customers but a way to stop big tech, social media, and the fake news from blocking out our God who reigns supreme. Truth is opening a new arena for God's people. We already know we're in a New Era based on Lana Vawser's new book. This platform is God's people as the Body of Christ unifying, and no devil in hell can stop us or our God. They might THINK that they are gods, but Our God is coming with His correction, in His timing, and it won't look pretty.