What Gag Order? The Truth Shall Set You Free November 04 2023




President Trump's lawyer spoke about the legal battle restricting his comments during the New York fraud trial.

In a Newsmax interview, Alina Habba said Letitia James criticized President Trump while forcing him to remain silent. Speaking with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Habba spoke about James, attorney general for New York.

The Devil is the Accuser of the Brethren

James falsely says President Trump and his family business lied to lenders and insurers about property values to secure favorable terms. But pot calling kettle black, didn't she brag to voters about coming against President Trump to secure her position? 

The President is NOT GUILTY of  wrongdoing. The case, like all the other false accusations, character assassination attempts, and lies, are part of an elaborate political witch hunt, and what Pastor Mike Thompson said Christians should pray against.

Because President Trump holds God's mantle, is a prophet of God, and called by God as the Trumpet, don't walk away. NO Jezebel on the far left or Pharisee on the far right can stop God's plans or will to restore this nation.

As Rabbi Jonathan Cahn states, President Trump is destined to rule and the religious persecution coming against him further substantiate the evidence that the battle we're seeing is not political per se, but light and good versus evil and darkness.

You Can't Handle the Truth: God's Truth and THEY NEED to Get Out of God's Way

"You know we are in a banana republic. We are in a situation right now where Letitia James is allowed to freely go out and rip whoever she wants to talk about before she even becomes the AG, before she has any knowledge of anything in the [Trump] Organization to call them criminals, to call them frauds," said Habba.

Jesus was also innocent but called a criminal and persecuted despite having done nothing wrong. And in this case, the public hates President Trump because the radical and biased left news media spin stories of hate to depict him as a villian and Joe Biden as a saint. However, God's people know this is to fool the very elect by calling good evil and evil good. But given that the DS, cabal, and illuminati are already defeated, (see Barry Wunsch, Oct.27, 2023), THEY WILL LEAVE PRESIDENT TRUMP ALONE.

ONLY God has the final say, and THAT TRUMP NEWS is coming.

Weaponizing Blacks To President Trump: God Said Don't Walk Away 

Habba went on to say about James, "When she comes in, she can go out and talk to you about your fiancé and the Trump family and the president, a leading political candidate, say whatever she wants, and there is no gag order on her." Hence, in addition to social media censoring, the left are now trying to silence innocent Christians, which parallels the attacks against the Jews. Recall that Sonny from The View called Trump supporters "cockroaches," while Obiden called Republicans, who are mostly Christians, "communists" and "enemies of the state."

Bad News for THEM

Habba said the gag orders were "one way" and like communist countries "when you want to silence your opponents."

But OUR GOD will not be silenced. 

In a prophetic word dated October 27, 2023, Father God said, 


Because only God has the FINAL SAY, let's watch and see what He does. Praise God for President Trump. 

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